Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 8) – From Zero

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It’s finally time for their first real game and Yomi is upset that she’s not starting pitcher. Tamaka and Yoshino try to calm her down, but it’s not until Rei explains that they want to keep “the pitch” a secret that she relaxes.

Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 8) – From Zero

What happened?

The tournament gets underway with their first real match and it’s against a relatively unknown team. The only thing that Yoshino has been able to determine is that their games are over quickly. Now, they just need to work out why and how to counter their fast pace. With the big game potentially coming in the next round (if they win), Yomi has been pulled from pitching duty so that they can keep her magic throw a secret. That means that Risa starts the game and with it tied heading into the last few innings, Ibuka steps up and imitates their opponent’s unusual pitching style. The real star of the match so far, however, has been Shiragiku who managed to hit her first home run!

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 8 Yomi Takeda and Kazumi Yoshikawa

What did you think?

It’s nice to finally have a real game to watch, but the nature of their opponents is infuriating and more than a little unbelievable. The reason they play fast is so that they can go home and practice as they don’t like playing against other people… Yoshino pretty much guessed it too, which is even more ridiculous. Otherwise, it was an all-right watch with nothing too spectacular. It’s the very definition of an easy watch. You can just sit back and watch without even really thinking.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 8 Shiragiku Oomura hits a home run

What have you learned?

With only four more episodes and this match still in progress, I can’t help but think the series will end with the result of the next game, against the favourites. So, we’re not likely to see if they can win Nationals and I really can’t see this getting a second season. I’ve been wrong about things before so don’t quote me on that. There have been some nice moments in this series, but it’s a far cry from any of the other sports anime that I’ve seen. It feels much more like a slice-of-life anime than a sports anime. I thought there was going to be some intensity from the promo image and so far, we’ve not seen anything to back that up.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 8 Yoshino Kawaguchi

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  1. “You can just sit back and watch without even really thinking.”

    Tamayomi in general does not stand up to any weighty scrutiny.

    • Absolutely. It does nothing particularly well and is average at best. Definitely one that I wouldn’t have started in hindsight.

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