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It looks like they’ve stumbled upon two more players, an experienced left-hander and a former kendo champion turned baseball player. The only catch, they need to aim for Nationals, which is fine with Yomi!

What happened?

Nozomi Takamura moved from a renown baseball region of Japan because of her parents’ jobs and was less than impressed with the team when she watched them train. However, when she tried to walk away, Yomi jumped in an brought her and fellow potential recruit, Shiragaki Oomura into practice. After some introductions, they had a go with the batting machine to get an idea of their skill levels. Nozomi showed that she meant business and hit everything that was thrown her way. Shiragaki hit her first-ever ball out of the park but then struggled to make contact again. It was enough to see both girls join the team, although Nozomi wanted them to commit to aiming for Nationals.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 3 Shiragiku Oomura has a go at Batting

What did you think?

Yoshino was back to feeling up the other girls’ thighs as she assessed their skills and worked out their potential. It’s an odd tactic and I’m not sure it would be a suitable defence in a court of law, but it makes for some entertaining moments nonetheless. It was nice to see them get enough girls for a team, although I’d be worried about them not having any backup if they’re heading for Nationals. Seeing Nozomi’s reaction to the team was fun and then watching as she realised that they weren’t just goofing around made it that much better. It was Yomi’s pitching that always catches people off-guard and I’m looking forward to seeing it being used in an actual game.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 3 Yoshino Kawaguchi feeling Shiragiku Oomura's thighs

What have you learnt?

Again, this series really would benefit from some action, even if it was some flashforwards to the big game. Without it, the pace is very slow and in general, nothing much really happens. Even the forced drama and tension between Tamaki and Yomi was off and didn’t really work. They obviously put it in to prove that everyone is committed to making Nationals, but as I said, it was incredibly forced and could have been done much better. Seriously, it was as if Tamaki was mad at Yomi for wanting to make Nationals because she didn’t think Yomi would train seriously. The girl that spent all her free time perfecting a crazy pitch… I don’t you have to worry about that.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 3 Tamaki Yamazaki and Yomi Takeda

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