Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 6) – With Hearts Full of Hope

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It’s the last practice game before they start the hard road to Nationals, but Yoshino has prepared for this one. Yomi is excited to play again, although Tamaki tells her not to use “that” pitch!

What happened?

The pitcher they’re up against is notorious for taking her time to warm up. That means the first innings is the perfect chance for them to get some runs on the board. It’s also a chance for Nozomi to develop some confidence in her abilities. As expected, they end the first innings with six runs on the board. However, by the time of the next innings, it’s like they’re facing a different pitcher and runs are not coming their way. Yoshino, of course, was ready for that and sees it as a chance to practice the fielding formations, and she’s got a load of them. Finally, they make it to the last innings and still have the lead. Then, with two outs and two strikes, Tamaki tells Yomi to throw “that” pitch!

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 6 Tamaki Yamazaki batting

What did you think?

I’m not really sure how to explain this series. It’s a sports anime and they are definitely playing a sport. The tactics are interesting and I’m enjoying watching the girls develop their game, but it feels remarkably unlike sport. If anything, it feels more like an idol series and a slice of life series. Even with them playing a game, there doesn’t appear to be any stakes. It’s all just so damn cute and fluffy. That said, the animation still hasn’t improved and while it’s not essential to the story, it is pulling me out of the action… well, you know, the game.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 6 Yoshino and Kyouka Fujii

What have you learnt?

I came into this series hoping for something similar to Harukana Receives and so far it hasn’t come. It has a similar vibe, but it’s nowhere near the quality of animation or the level of storytelling. There’s still time for it to step up its game, but again, I don’t feel like that’s what they are going for. Even if they lose and don’t make Nationals, everyone is still going to be smiling and giggling. It’s fun to watch, but there really isn’t much depth to it. So, sit back and relax. What else is there to do?

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 6 The First Win

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