Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls (Episode 10) – Show ‘Em What We’ve Got

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It’s time for the match we’ve all been waiting for. Ryoyukan are the favourites going into the tournament, but how will they fare against Yomi’s magic pitch? Either way, it looks like we’ve got a ball game to enjoy!

What happened?

Ryoyukan starts the game off with the ball and amazingly give up a run. It was earnt though as the captain, Rei managed to get a hit on the ball and allow Tamaki to get home. Now, it’s time to see how they handle Yomi’s pitch. It surprised them, that’s for sure, but they still managed to get a runner home. With the game tied after one inning, they prepared to bat once more. This time, however, they weren’t able to add to their score. So, with Yomi back on the mound, she successfully kept the scoring even. The third innings saw Ryoyukan get their three outs in double time. It’s still even, but Yoshino is starting to doubt herself and since she’s making the calls, she’ll need to rediscover her confidence if they are to stand a chance.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 10 Rei Okada sprinting for First

What did you think?

This was definitely the best episode yet and if I’m being honest, it’s long overdue. I selected this anime because it was a sports anime, but so far it’s been slice of life. There’s been some nice moments in prior episodes, but it was great to see the teams testing each other and working on their strategies. You could even feel some of the pressure the players were feeling and it really helped. I said that I was expecting this match to be the big finale of the season and it’s looking that way. We’ve had two and a half innings, so there’s still plenty of game left. I can see the next half being particularly disastrous, but then they need suffer to make the eventual victory that much better.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 10 Ryoyukan Catcher

What have you learnt?

As good as Yomi’s pitch is, the game is going to be won by the tacticians. That’s Tamaki and Yoshino for Shin Koshigaya, but Yoshino is losing her confidence and I’m sure the next episode isn’t going to help with that. I feel like this season is going to end with a defeat for Yomi and Tamaki and while that may be disappointing, I don’t think winning has been the message of this series. It’s been about having fun and making friends… totally Slice of Life. Maybe, I’m just preparing myself for a defeat in the hopes that they’ll pull a surprise win out of the bag. Who knows? It’s not been the best series, but I’ve definitely seen worse, so bring on the remaining two episodes.

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 10 Ryoyukan Pitcher spooked by Yomi's pitch

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