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Hoh is dead and Rachel has been left unable to walk. What does this mean for Bam, though, as his only wish was to see Rachel again? Is this the end of his attempt to climb the tower of god?

What happened?

Khun is concerned that with Rachel unable to continue, that will mean that Bam will give up too. Rak is determined to convince Bam to keep going, especially as he hasn’t given up on hunting him yet! Surprisingly, Bam comes to them and tells them that he wishes to continue so that he can be Rachel’s legs and carry her to the top of the tower. Before they can do that, they have a proper send off for Hoh, Serena leaves of her own choice, and the selection for the final test are announced.

The administrator Han Sung is up to something. He just confronted Lo Po Bia, an agent for the king who is seeking to remove Anaak and reclaim the Black March and Green April. It was, however, less of a confrontation and more a show of power. To make matters worse Rachel cannot take the final test due to her injuries. Khun attempts to invoke an administrator’s test, but only an irregular can do that. Of course, Bam stands up and asks to take the test!

Tower of God Episode 10 Khun and tiny Rak

What did you think?

One of the things that I’m really enjoying with this series is how convoluted everything is. Everyone has an agenda and is working towards their own goals. I particularly liked the scene between Han Sung and Lo Po Bia even though I have no idea where this is heading and just what everyone is planning. Even Lero Ro seems to be up to something. It’s refreshing to have a series that has the confidence to let it all play out and not spoonfeed us all the answers. It could have easily turned into a minefield of exposition dumps but I’m so glad that it hasn’t.

Tower of God Episode 10 Administrator and the Eels

What have you learnt?

It’s often said that every character should have their own goals and desires, regardless of how big or small their role is. Sometimes these will align with the protagonist and other times they won’t, but either way, it should always give the character their motivation and drive. All too often we see characters that are just there to aid the protagonist and push them forward, but in Tower of God, everyone is out for themselves… well, everyone but Bam and I think he’s approach is starting to rub off on others. It makes sense that those in power fear the irregulars if this is what they can do. This is a great series.

Tower of God Episode 10 Bam

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