Tower of God (Episode 3) – The Correct Door

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The next test has begun and an unsettling scream can be heard moments before the next team is invited to participate. Bam, Khun, and Rak enter and are challenged to open the correct door within the time limit.

What happened?

They are given ten minutes to select the correct door and open it. If they fail, the floor opens up and something too horrendous to show awaits them. Rak freaks out, especially as they have no clues to go on. There are twelve doors and a clock counting down. Khun attempts to make sense of the situation while Bam tries to calm Rak. His mind is plagued with doubts and uncertainty. Because of his past, Khun cannot trust anyone or anything. He watches the clock ticking down, getting more and more frustrated. Then, he hears a roar and Bam yelling. He turns to see Rak kick open a door seconds before the timer reaches zero.

The doors light up and they are congratulated. Khun can’t believe it. He asks Rak how he knew which door to open, to which he replies with instinct. However, any door would have been acceptable as the test was about taking the next step and not solving a riddle. To progress in the tower, you’ll need someone in your party that will push on through uncertainty. Khun, obviously, still has some issues to work through.

Tower of God Episode 3 Bam Khun and Rak

What did you think?

I loved this episode and thought the test was a great way to show us more of the characters and how they deal with obstacles. It was nice that we got to see how multiple groups succeeded, but Bam’s group was definitely the most stressful. Then, when we got to see a glimpse of another testing group that went off the rails. One of the three survivors from the massacre looked like Rachel and even more so as the episode went on and the bonus test was introduced. More and more, I’m convinced that time is not a constant within the tower. There were lots of interesting moments and I’m loving the way it’s building on the mystery.

Tower of God Episode 3 Winners of Test 1 Massacre

What have you learnt?

Having the challengers form into groups of three within a time pressure was a great way to force some unusual alliances. I love the way that it’s forced characters together that would never have worked without it. Rak, Khun, and Bam are an ideal group, but they’d never have got together if not for the previous tests. Too often, we’ll see groups of fairly similar characters working towards a shared goal, but in this series, everyone has their own goal and skills. I feel like the friendships will develop later and that’s exciting to see how it all works out.

Tower of God Episode 3 Anak Taking a Blow with Ease

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  1. I liked the series to start with. But I’m finding a direct relationship between how much Anaak Jahad’s on screen and how much I enjoy the episode. Good gravy she’s dangerous!

    “I feel like the friendships will develop later and that’s exciting to see how it all works out.”

    The characters really feel authentic. It’s a more sophisticated feel than I’m used to, and I like it.

    • Agreed, it feels a bit like a grown up shounen. I’m already missing the princess that gave Bam the sword, even though I know she’ll be back.

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