Tower of God (Episode 2) – Three Four-Hundredths

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Bam finds himself in a fight for his life as the number of regulars attempting to climb the tower is thinned down. He finds unlikely allies in Khun and Rak, but can he really trust them?

What happened?

The second event ended and Bam made it through unscathed, although he had attracted the attention of Rak, a lizardman hunter who seeks to test himself against the strongest opponents. Bam’s sword is what caught his attention. It was the same thing that drew Khun to Bam. Soon after the second event ended, a third began. They had five minutes to create teams of three. All three allies must be touching at the buzzer. Bam tried to reason with Rak as time was of the essence, but Rak was not interested. Then, as the timer ticked down, Khun and Bam managed to get hold of Rak and make it to the next level.

There they were met by a Ranker who created a wall of Shinsu. Only those that could pass would be able to continue. Somehow, the wall missed Bam completely, but the look on Lero Ro’s face showed that he understood the “accident”. Then, one by one more and more of the warriors made their way through. Before leaving, Lero Ro warned Bam to watch out for Khun!

Tower of God Episode 2 Hatz and Anak fighting

What did you think?

The levels of animation continue to baffle me. Sometimes, it’s amazing and other times it’s rough and simple. That aside, the story continues to intrigue me and it’s doing a good job of introducing more and more elements as it progresses. There’s definitely an advantage to having a character that doesn’t know anything as it gives us a chance to learn the basics of the world with them. Sometimes, it can come across as too much exposition, but on the whole, I feel like I want to find out more, so it doesn’t bother me. Bam continues to progress by luck alone, but then Lero Ro did mention that luck was an integral part of it. Still, he definitely needs to stop being quite so clueless.

Tower of God Episode 2 Bam and Lero Ro

What have you learnt?

I think we’re getting a good mix of action and exposition which is definitely helping to stop the episodes from dragging. I’m also enjoying the mystery and trying to work out what is going on and how it involves Bam. Khun seems like he’s going to become a very important part of this and Lero Ro’s reaction to seeing him is telling, but then, I also think he was instantly aware of what Bam is, even if Bam doesn’t know. I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes and how things develop.

Tower of God Episode 2 Khun and Rak

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