Tsugumomo (Episode 7) – Kanayama-san

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Tsugumomo Title

When Kukuri’s shrine/play structure is torn down, Kazuya allows her and Kokuyou to come and live with them. Well, his father does after Kiriha recites an old love letter he wrote Kazuya’s mother…

Tsugumomo (Episode 7) – Kanayama-san

What happened?

There was another concern with Kukuri and Kokuyou moving in with Kazuya and it was mostly directed at Kokuyou and her incredible boobs. Kazuya’s sister felt like it would be too much temptation for poor Kazuya… However, once Kiriha brought up an old love letter that Kazuya’s father had written to Kazuya’s mother, the matter was settled and they all lived together, bathed together, and got into various awkward situations together.

However, that’s not how this story ends. Kukuri needs to get money so that she can get her shrine rebuilt and her only option is to go see another local god for a loan. It comes with some conditions and as a result, she took Kiriha and Kazuya along with her. In order to get the money, they will need to win it in a game of concentration. The problem is there are cards that have other things than money on them. Lewd things!

Tsugumomo Episode 7 Kazuya Kiriha and Kukuri checking the rules

What did you think?

So, I’m ready for Kiriha and Kukuri to return to their normal forms now. The whole loli thing was funny for a couple of episodes, but this one got pretty creepy pretty fast. However, I was very happy to see much more of Kokuyou and her incredible assets. The game of concentration was funny, but so creepy, especially the other god Taguri. It’s a shame because a lewd game of concentration with characters that look like adults would be amazing. I know they’re all incredibly old and also animated characters, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was basically creepy as hell. I like this series and there have been a lot of funny moments so far, but this episode didn’t sit well with me.

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Episode highlights


Bath Fight!

Kiriha Blocking!



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