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A strange new Nomu interrupts Endeavor and Hawk’s discussion and seems determined to prove himself against the new number one hero. The world watches on as their battle blazes through the sky.

What happened?

The new Nomu attacked out of nowhere and seemed determined to fight Endeavor. Their fight destroyed the top of the skyscraper and sent it crashing towards the group. Hawks used his feathers to flying everyone to safety and the Endeavor blew the falling tower into rubble. Nomu didn’t care, all it wanted was to prove itself against the number one hero. Endeavor hit it with attack after attack, although he was concerned that he was overheating. This gave us a clue to why he’d been so determined to create a child that could control fire and ice. The ultimate self-regulation of his own quirk. It looked like Endeavor had won, but the Nomu had thrown its own head away from the attack and was able to live on, hit Endeavor with a massive blow. Unwilling to give up, Endeavor pushed on and with Hawks aid he was able to fly the Nomu into the upper atmosphere where he could fully unleash his power!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 88 Endeavor

What was your favourite element?

Well, I guess that is how you end a season! Seriously, this episode was better than the entire season put together. It might even be my favourite episode of My Hero Academia ever. If you’re ever feeling down and need to get pumped up for something, then this is the twenty-four minutes for you. It was as if all of the bad pacing and poorly timed flashbacks were burnt from existence alone with the Nomu. This sadly doesn’t make up for the rest of the season and if anyone asks, I would recommend they watch the fight between Midoriya and Overhaul and then these last two episodes. There’s no denying Endeavor is a jerk, but that was just the most insane fight! I loved it!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 88 Endeavor takes a hit

What have you learnt?

If the rest of this season had had the intensity of this episode, it would have been the greatest season of anime ever! Everything about it worked. The brief moments with Endeavor’s family and their reactions to watching the fight live was incredible and just upped the stakes, even knowing that they didn’t like him. There was the moment when Endeavor looked to have been defeated, but that one fan kept the faith and was instantly rewarded. This was an absolute classic shounen fight, but without all the back and forth and it only took one episode which is a huge plus. I like to keep track of my favourite episodes and this one is right up there. I’m even excited for the next season now… Plus ultra!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 88 Endeavor hits back

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