My Hero Academia (Episode 82) – Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part

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So Class 1A is going to put on a concert for the other students at the school festival, but Gentle has also got plans. Meanwhile, Midoriya continues to train with All Might as he tries to get One for All under control.

What happened?

The class splits up to focus on the different aspects of the performance, but before they can get going Bakugo yells at them about the way the class is being viewed around the school. He’s probably right too. They decided that instead of just trying to please the other students, they’re going to completely blow them away! All Might finally takes Midoriya aside and begins to help him get to grips with One for All. The biggest revelation is that when in his muscle form he doesn’t use One for All all the time, otherwise he’d destroy the ground with each footstep. It’s all about control!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 82 Suyu Midoriya Uraraka and Kirishima

What was your favourite element?

It’s only taken four season, but All Might has finally decided to give Midoriya some direction. This has been a long time coming and I appreciate that he needed Midoriya to make it his own, but I feel like he’s left him to his own devices a little too long. I loved seeing him explaining how he used One for All and watching Midoriya start to put it all together as if it should have been obvious all along. Frankly anytime we get to see All Might on screen is a good time and Midoriya doing his analytic fanboying is another of my favourite things.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 82 All Might teaching Midoriya

What have you learnt?

Honestly, I’m really not into this arc. It feels like a filler arc and no matter what anyone else says, that’s how it is to me. I really have no interest in Class 1A putting together a band. It just feels like a forced way to get some of the lesser used characters in the spotlight without actually having them do something awesome. I still remember when the League of Villains first attacked and we got to see each of the students working against the various villains they’d deployed. Even with the sports festival and the various training sessions, we get to see them using their quirks to grow and work towards becoming heroes. That’s why this feels like filler. This season has sadly changed my opinion of the series.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 82 Bakugo on the Drums

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  1. This section does feel like a filler arc in a lot of ways but I’m actually enjoying it quite a lot, it feels nice to have a bit of levity after the previous arc. I also find Gentle Criminal and La Brava to be very funny. Villains who don’t really have any grand, world ending schemes but just want to get more views on youtube are a fun change of pace, at least for me 🙂

    • That’s cool. I think part of my problem is that I was so hyped for the Overhaul arc and feel like they didn’t deliver thanks to pacing and poorly timed flashbacks. It’s definitely left me a little jaded and after that I really needed something to pull me back on board, but this just isn’t it for me.

    • Fair enough. I also felt that the Overhaul arc had pacing problems and I wasn’t feeling super keen on this season, prior to Gentle Criminal showing up.

    • Hopefully, Gentle has something in store that will spice up the ending of the season. I’d hate to finish it with my current feelings towards it.

  2. “I feel like he’s left him to his own devices a little too long.”

    All things considered, All Might has been… Let’s just say “not the best mentor or Master ever”. He’s not overbearing or sadistic, so he’s certainly not the worst. But has done very damn little in the way of actual training and support.

    I agree with your thoughts on filler. MHA occasionally remembers that it’s actually set at a school, and that can be made to work… But given how long the previous arc dragged on, this is a particularly poor time to do so.

    • Yeah, there are definitely far worse mentors, but All Might really has sat back and seen what happened. I know he didn’t want it to look like he was favouring Midoriya, but he really hasn’t helped him out.

      I think I would be fine with some more everyday school stuff. The forced school performance and awkward dancing is too cringe for me. The training challenges were far more entertaining in the previous seasons.

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