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Midoriya is determined to complete an Internship and asks All Might for help finding one, but All Might doesn’t like the idea. He reluctantly concedes and arranges for Mirio Togata to introduce Midoriya to Nighteye.

What did you watch?

We got the recap episode out of the way, so that means it’s time to get down to business. This is episode 65 of My Hero Academia and I’m going to do my best to avoid future spoilers and sounding too much like a fanboy! I almost need to wipe all memories of the manga from my mind, but then I might not be as excited for this arc. Whatever you’re feeling about the new season so far, try not to worry, because things are about to explode. Anyhow, let’s look at this episode and this episode alone. There will be spoilers, but only for this episode. I promise!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Tomura Shigaraki

What happened?

Midoriya contacted Gran Torino in an attempt to set up an internship, but Gran Torino is busy working a case with the police and thinks it best that Midoriya speaks to All Might. So, he does and All Might says no! Well, that’s it, end of the series, everybody can go home. Midoriya is persistent, as always, and manages to convince All Might to make something happen. Afraid to speak directly to his former side-kick, Nighteye, All Might calls Mirio Togata to the staff lounge and asks him to introduce Midoriya as Mirio is already on an Internship with Nighteye. Mirio agrees, but he is remarkably agreeable.

Meanwhile, Twice brings a new recruit to the League of Villains – a Yakuza who goes by the villain name Overhaul. Once there, Overhaul doesn’t ask to join but berates Tomura for losing three top-rated villains and says that he is surprisingly disorganised. He then offers Tomura the chance to put the League of Villains under his organisation as he has a plan. Tomura is less than impressed and Magne decides it’s time to see Overhaul out. Only, Overhaul has other ideas and destroys Magne with a touch of his hand. The rest of Overhaul’s team arrive and one dies at the hands of Tomura, but it’s a stalemate. Overhaul leaves his business card before walking off.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 All Might doesn't Want Midoriya Doing an Internship

What did you think?

I loved the scene with the League of Villains and Overhaul. Absolutely loved it. The rest of the episode was kind of slow and dawdling though. All Might has turned into a massive worrywart and that may be down to the pressure he feels from Midoriya’s mother, but he needs to have a little faith in his protege. There were some funny moments and some not so funny ones. All in, it was a real mixed bag and had they not had the Overhaul scene, it would have been flat.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Gran Torino

What was your favourite moment?

This will come as no surprise but it was the scene with Overhaul and the League of Villains. I loved how Overhaul accused Tomura of lacking a plan and any organisational skills because he is absolutely right. As much as I enjoy Tomura, and his lack of clear thought is one of the things I like, he really doesn’t have much of an idea and is still trying to work out what he’s doing. All for One hasn’t done a great job developing Tomura, but he too may enjoy the chaos. Whatever, that’s a lot of speculation. I just loved seeing some real dark things happening and I can’t wait to see this arc to the conclusion. We’re in for a wild ride.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Tomura Shigaraki and Overhaul

What was your least favourite moment?

I’m not sure what it was about this scene, but I really didn’t enjoy Mirio and Midoriya climbing the spiral staircase as we moved around it with them. I’m sure they were trying to make a dull moment interesting with some fancy direction, but it just made me feel weird and it left me feeling a bit spaced out for the rest of the episode. It’s not even that important a moment, which makes the choice that much weirder.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata Climbing the Stairs

Who was your favourite character?

I thought Overhaul was excellent. The way he walked into the League of Villains headquarters and just shredded them with his words was great. Then, when he did the same with his quirk it was insane. I’ve never understood why people are so reckless in a world where eighty percent of people have quirks. You’ve no idea what you might be up against. There is the potential for anything to happen. I would have liked him to have sounded a little more Darth Vader like with his face mask, but otherwise, I have no complaints.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Overhaul kills Magne

Who was your least favourite character?

Nighteye is an odd one and that’s an understatement. I do feel sorry for Bubble Girl who is clearly terrified of him and his bizarro tickle device. I will drop one future bit of knowledge and that is that the tickle device is not his quirk, so don’t worry about that. He’s also one of those heroes that looks incredibly like a villain with his hunched neck and awkward arm placement. We’ll be seeing much more of him going forward, so I hope that he doesn’t continue to bug me.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Izuku Midoriya caught in Nighteye's Stare

Would you like some more?

I do, but mostly because I know what is coming. This episode was decidedly average with the scene between the League of Villains and Overhaul being the only exception. Even the scenes with Class 1-A students didn’t do anything to make me get excited. It is all going to change, I promise you that. This is the fourth season, so I’m sure you don’t need my word to keep you watching, but I hope it alleviates any concerns that may be creeping in.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 65 Nighteye's Assistant Bubble Girl

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  1. “I thought Overhaul was excellent. The way he walked into the League of Villains headquarters and just shredded them with his words was great. ”

    “Shredded” is a great word here.

    In retrospect, do you know what was the most terrifying thing about Overhaul? Besides his intelligence and organizational skills (which, in this context, are clearly lethal)?

    His self control. He could have eliminated Tomura and his followers; or at least a greater percentage of them. And he didn’t, because he wanted them for his plans.

    In a villain, that’s terrifying. And I loved it!

    • Wait until you see the full extent of his quirk. This arc can’t get moving soon enough.

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