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Can Midoriya make Sir Nighteye laugh? No. Not a chance, but he can impress him with his All Might knowledge. Is it enough for him to agree to take on Midoriya as an intern? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What did you watch?

So, we’ve met Overhaul and briefly peeked in on the insanity that is Sir Nighteye’s hero agency. Now, it’s time to see if Midoriya can convince Nighteye to accept him as an intern. I know! But don’t worry, I am doing my best not to spoil things going forwards and that will continue with this review. There will be spoilers for this episode, but that’s kind of a given. Anyhow, let’s get into it.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Midoriya Trying to Get the Stamp

What happened?

Midoriya had just put on his best All Might impression in an attempt to make Sir Nighteye laugh as Mirio had advised him. However, all it seemed to do was make him mad, especially as Midoriya’s wrinkles were wrong. Or were they? Midoriya pointed out that his impression was from a specific rescue where All Might had saved a boy that could turn water into vinegar and that’s what made All Might look different. Nighteye appeared to be impressed by the knowledge and took Midoriya’s intern permission slip. He raised his stamp and brought it down on the table next to the piece of paper.

Nighteye continued to miss the piece of paper as he went over his questions such as what was in it for him to take on another intern? He then asked Mirio and Bubble Girl to wait outside as he put Midoriya through a test. All Midoriya had to do was take the stamp from Nighteye within three minutes by any means. Seems easy enough, but Nighteye was able to read Midoriya’s moves and continuously avoided him. Midoriya tried everything, but the stamp remained out of reach. Then, when the time was up, Nighteye said some things that shook Midoriya’s world. Ultimately, Nighteye took him on and had decided to do so as soon as Mirio had mentioned him.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Bubble Girl and Midoriya

What did you think?

This was really slow and I’m amazed they strung this out for an entire episode. There were some nice revelations with Nighteye and why he was willing to accommodate Midoriya, but it felt like there just wasn’t enough content. Basically, I just wanted to get this scene done so we can get back to Overhaul, but they had to drag it out. Sure, we got to see Bubble Girl a couple more times, but that’s not enough. It certainly hasn’t lived up to the previous seasons yet, but I am certain that will change.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Bubble Girl

What was your favourite moment?

I’m not sure why but seeing Nighteye miss the approval slip on purpose made me laugh, then seeing him do it over and over again as he talked to Midoriya was just too much. I loved the way the camera switched back and forth between the stamp hitting the table, Nighteye’s face, and the room with everyone standing there in awkward silence. There was something oddly surreal and a little British about the humour that just appealed to me.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Nighteye Missed

What was your least favourite moment?

Forward about three minutes and it was the revelation as to why Nighteye was going to take Midoriya on. It’s because he doesn’t believe that Midoriya was the right person to inherit One for All and plans on showing him that Mirio was the better candidate. That’s brutal, whether you believe that or not. He’s willing to take Midoriya’s dreams and aspirations and attempt to destroy them to show that he was right. Seeing why All Might wasn’t too keen to introduce Midoriya to Nighteye.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Nighteye Dodging Midoriya Again

Who was your favourite character?

All that said, I actually enjoyed Nighteye and found the odd movements and jarring camera angles to work this episode as most were from Midoriya’s point of view as he bounced around the room. His dry sense of humour appeals to me and even though he is a bit of piece of work, I can’t help but enjoy his screen time. Seeing his quirk in action was interesting, especially as he could keep up with Midoriya’s movements.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Nighteye Dodging Midoriya

Who was your least favourite character?

I was never really on the Mineta hate train. Sure, he seemed kind of pointless and his quirk wasn’t overly impressive. Yes, he was a perv and it was funny from time to time, but I’m not sure why he’s getting even this much screen time this season and it’s not been a lot. There are so many more interesting characters that have barely even been it such as Yaoyorozu. I wouldn’t say I hate him, but would anyone really care if he slowly disappeared?

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Mineta Perving

Would you like some more?

So, the final scene of the episode showed us Midoriya coming face to face with Overhaul and it was tense. I do wish we’d got her much sooner, but it is what it is and next week’s episode should be a good one. I’m hoping the pace picks up and that we’ll start to see some more characters from the manga showing up. I’m still pumped for the season and there’s plenty of time for things to pick up, but it has been a pretty pedestrian start with the exception of the time Overhaul met the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 66 Overhaul, Eri and Midoriya

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