Fire Force (Episode 5) – The Battle Begins

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After the brief showdown with Company 5, Obi is preparing his team to begin investigating them. Before they can set anything in motion, Sister Iris goes to Company 5 to see an old friend!

What did you watch?

Episode 4 of Fire Force really upped its game in terms of action and intrigue. So, you might expect episode 5 to slow down for a second… Oh, no! It’s time to turn things up to eleven. You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that I joined once more by Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog. It’s such a good show that it seems a shame to just hear one set of opinions. Also, be warned. There will be spoilers.

Fire Force Episode 5 Iris Praying

What happened?

So, it turns out that Sister Iris and Princess Hibana from Company 5 were both at sister school together… is that a thing? Anyhow, it appears that they used to be close, but not so much as of late. That, however, didn’t stop Iris from going to Company 5 HQ and trying to appeal to Hibana’s better nature. The sight of Iris in her Habit seemed to enrage Hibana, causing her to burn it off Iris. With Iris missing, Company 8 sprung into action and advanced their plan to investigate Company 5.

Stealth seemed to not concern them as they burst through the wall and raced towards the HQ. Hinawa ordered Shinra to go on ahead and find Iris while they took care of the others. Arthur followed Shinra, but soon came face-to-face with the Infernal from the last episode, only now it was under the control of Company 5. Meanwhile, Maki and Hinawa battled through the other Fire Soldiers until the came up against the rookie with the ability to create explosive bubbles and the 3 Angels (although there are many more than 3…)

Fire Force Episode 5 Arthur Using His Right Hand

It’s my turn to go first this week, which is another chance to prove that I’m not just copying Yomu’s answers. We may agree on quite a lot, but sometimes, we’ll see things differently. It’s like how Yomu liked Rea and I liked Ranko… but that’s another series altogether! (Also Yomu will be in bold.)

What did you think?

This episode was great. There was so much action and a lot of very entertaining moments. I’m sure we’ll get to them all in due time, but can I just say that Arthur not realising he was using the wrong hand to hold his sword was both hilarious and ridiculous. Seriously, how did he not notice? Is Arthur that much of a fool? In all honesty, I prefer him this way. It makes their rivalry a little more entertaining.

Yomu, great to see you again and thanks for stopping by. How was it for you?

Hey Lynn. This was another excellent episode, they wasted no time whatsoever in jumping right into the action with investigating Fire Force 5. I was surprised, to be honest, I figured they might hint at something going on and wait a little, but I guess not. We also got to see more of Glasses and his ability to manipulate bullets, which was very cool. That Arthur fight really drives home just how much of an idiot he is, so I guess they are committing to the “very strong, but not very bright” character type with him.

Fire Force Episode 5 Hinawa Is The One

What was your favourite moment?

Funny that you mention Hinawa because my favourite moment was when we realised that Hinawa was the One! He just went full Neo on us with his bullet-time control and spinning through the air fire off gun after gun. It’s been some time coming, but that was excellent. Then when he started using the sparks caused by the ricochet to redirect the bullets, bouncing them around the room until they found their mark, I couldn’t help but smile. This is a great addition to the skills we’ve seen so far from the rest of the team.

I really enjoyed Glasses as well this episode. While it’s a bit cliche that he can “control the impact” the way he can to knock people out without killing them (you’d think different bone density and whatnot would play a big factor), I really love that he can just shoot people mercilessly. Like shooting that one lackey in the head, almost execution-style. Just awesome. So while I don’t think it’s very realistic, because you’d think that Glasses would accidentally crack some people’s skulls or even kill them, I love that he can show no remorse when he guns people down. I can also see why he gets so fired up to take on human opponents.

What was your least favourite moment?

As much as I spoke about Arthur using the wrong hand being funny, it was also very stupid. That said, I hate it when characters deliberately weaken themselves, so this was an interesting twist on that. It does raise a lot of concerns about Arthur and I’d be worried if that started to become a regular thing.

Haha, I’ll admit I was frustrated at Arthur for that, but I have another least favourite scene. When Glasses is briefing the team on the rooftop, he shoots Shinra to discipline him for talking during the briefing, but he doesn’t do anything to Arthur even though Arthur is literally walking away from the briefing. This is the second time that Glasses has played favourites here. And I don’t really care that he shot Shinra, but I just REALLY wanted to see him shoot Arthur. So that was disappointing.

Fire Force Episode 5 Princess Hibana

Who was your favourite character?

I think it was actually Hinawa which was surprising. His power to manipulate the force and direction of bullets is cool and it explains why he’s been running around with guns and not using fire like the others. Princess Hibana also had a couple of great moments, but she wasn’t in it loads. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of her next week as Shinra takes her on.

I’m actually going to choose Hibana. Sure, she’s still arrogant as ever and very much an antagonist. But I feel like there’s something there, with her past of being a Sister. The fact that the anime jumped right into an assault on Fire Force 5 makes me feel like she is going to be a turncoat antagonist, considering she is the first real antagonist. And while it’s cliche, I LOVE turncoat antagonists, so I really want to see this happen. Plus it was cool to see her torture the infernal that I have no love for.

Fire Force Episode 5 Iris And Princess Hibana

Who was your least favourite character?

I like Iris, but I can’t help but wonder what she thought she would achieve by going and speaking with Hibana. There’s obviously a lot of history between them and something serious must have happened for Hibana to have gone so far from that path. I am looking forward to seeing what that was and I’m sure it has something to do with all the sisters burning in the end credits. Cool character, bad decision.

I’ll forgive Glasses for once, and go with Captain Obi. Mainly because, where was he? I have a feeling we’ll see him appear when Shinra is on the ropes next episode, or something like that. The thing is, I’d have liked to see him take down some lackeys. Waiting till the last second to save the day is cool and all, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like he is contributing. I’m sure he is, somehow, but we don’t see any of it. And that’s a shame.

Fire Force Episode 5 Princess Hibana Burns Iris Habit

Would you like some more?

Of course. I’m loving how we’re not wasting any time getting things going. Episode one was introductions, two showed us just how serious the situation was, then we breezed through the rookie games, and now it’s a battle. I think we’re in for a wild ride if it keeps this up and it’s just visually stunning. Even when they’re on the rooftop with the expansive sky overhead, it just all looks top class.

Yeah! I want to see Hibana’s story play out and find out what info Fire Force 5 has on Infernals. Plus I’d like to see a fight between Shinra and Hibana, which I’m thinking we’ll see next episode. At the very least I’m sure Shinra will be fighting someone, so that alone is worth looking forward to. This anime is just getting started and I can’t wait for some serious revelations.

Agreed. It’s more than just the action and the impressive visuals, there’s some real mystery tucked away and there’s just no telling how big it is. There are possible worldwide implications. I think we’ve kind of already covered what we’re looking forward to, so is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing that I can think of. Another solid episode, with more to come I’m sure!

Awesome. Well, thanks again for your input. We’ll see you in a week.

Fire Force Episode 5 Shinra Arrives At Company 5 HQ

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