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After the incidents with Rekka, all of the Special Fire Force Captains are called together for an audience with the Tokyo Imperial Emperor – Raffles III. There is some concern over Shinra’s safety, but Obi extinguishes any worry.

What did you watch?

After the explosive battle in episode 9, it’s time to step back and take account of what we’ve learnt. It’s also a great time to see some of the other captains and the people in charge of Tokyo. This is episode 10 of Fire Force and following his suspension from his blog… the details of why aren’t clear, but I think someone mentioned a shower… I am once again joined by Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog. From this point on, you can expect spoilers, intriguing insight, and definitely no showers…

Fire Force Episode 10 Fire Force Mascots

What happened?

Hibana continues to hand around the Fire Force 8 headquarters, but this time she has a reason other than Shinra. The captains have been summoned to the Imperial Throne Room to discuss the Evangelist. Shinra and Tamaki have been asked to come along as witnesses to the event. Flam is also there. Once the captains are all together Ruffles III comes out and addresses the group.

One issue that comes up is that Shinra’s flame is an Adolla Burst – the purest of flame and the same as the one used in the perpetual thermal energy plant – The Amaterasu. The Captain from Company 3 insists that Shinra be taken into protective custody, although Hibana informs Obi that it means the Hajime Group is interested in experimenting on Shinra. Obi steps in and confirms that Company 8 will be responsible for Shinra’s safety.

Fire Force Episode 10 Company 8 having Dinner

It’s great to have you here again, Yomu. As I went first last week, I guess that means it’s your turn. So over to you and as always, you’ll be in bold.

What did you think?

Fire Force seems to really ebb and flow when it comes to action and intrigue, in a good way. So last episode had more than enough top-notch action, and this episode we got many more interesting things to think about. I’m sure we’ll get into those later, so I’ll just finish that thought by saying it was a very intriguing episode!

Agreed, it was nice to take a step back and find out more about the Fire Force world and its inner workings. It was nice to get a sense of the other Special Fire Force Companies and how they interact with one another.

Fire Force Episode 10 Amaterasu

What was your favourite moment?

Favourite moment was the meeting of division chiefs. Getting to see all the major players was very cool, and it felt a lot like one of those moments in One Piece where a bunch of Shichibukai or Pirate Lords meet.. I almost wish it lasted longer so we could see more of everyone. Regardless though it was great.

Yeah, agreed. There were some bizarre characters. I loved the Company 7 captain that looked like a samurai and just stood up and walked out after a minute or two. That was definitely my favourite moment too.

Fire Force Episode 10 The Captains Meet with Ruffles III

What was your least favourite moment?

I suppose my least favourite moment was when Shinra was hiding his unease about the info he had received from Joker. I understand the purpose was for him to open up to everyone else, but his unease itself was so short-lived it didn’t have that much of an impact on me.

That’s true. He could have really sweated about it for some time, making it have more impact when he did reveal. I thought it was odd that given that Obi had just said he would protect Shinra that they would then let him wander around the power station on his own. Would have been better if someone had been with him that Joker needed to take care of first before being able to talk to Shinra.

Fire Force Episode 10 Joker

Who was your favourite character?

Shinra. The episode basically centred around him, and I think overall he’s proving to be a great protagonist with some interesting backstory. Especially now that we’ve learned about his brother…

It’s hard to really pick anyone else. As you say, it was a very Shinra centric episode and he continues to tick off all the shounen protagonist qualities and in a good way. I’m still enjoying Habana hanging around and upsetting Obi.

Fire Force Episode 10 Obi getting annoyed at Hibana hanging around

Who was your least favourite character?

Captain Obi. While I think he’s a great character, once again he felt underwhelming. He made such a strong impact in the earlier episodes, and then sort of fell by the wayside. I know he’s not the main focus of the show, but it’s almost as if he’s lost some of that energy he once had.

I can’t argue with that either. He didn’t seem to have the presence of any of the other Captains but it was his first summoning.

I’m going with Emperor Ruffles III… seriously, he sounds like a cat that’s just inherited a massive fortune. Here Ruffles… come get your caviar…

Fire Force Episode 10 Ruffles III

Would you like some more?

You bet. This episode managed to cover a lot of the topics we discussed last week, and it’s looking like a confrontation with Shinra’s brother is inevitable at this point. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

Yes. I wonder if Shinra’s brother is aware that Shinra survived or whether it was kept from him too. I did like how Company 8 all rallied around Shinra and made plans for if they encounter Sho. We’re definitely building up to something big.

It was funny how Arthur was back and the only comment was Shinra saying ‘why are you back?’ Arthur really has made it possible for him to have the freedom to do whatever it is that he’s up to. Do you think it’s connected? The self-proclaimed Knight King and the Ashen Knights!

Fire Force Episode 10 Sho

That’s definitely still a good question, and I think there’s no doubt Arthur is up to something. We also saw Joker this episode, and it’s likely that he isn’t with the Ashen Knights given he spilt info on them. Making him still a third party who seems to only want to encourage chaos.

Your comments on Obi leaving Shinra alone for a while make me wonder if he has any affiliations or connections that we are unaware of. He started out so cheery, and now he’s got a much more serious feel to him. It’s possible that this is just because of what has been happening, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

It’s hard to say with Obi, but one thing’s for sure, it feels like forever since we’ve seen any Infernals. I’d like to see Company 8 having to deal with some more actual work and not just infiltrating the other companies. It would be a good way to reaffirm the relationships and see how they’ve grown.

Is there anything you’re hoping to see in the coming episodes?

Aside from more Hibana / Tamaki / Maki, I think I’ll enjoy whatever they decide to throw at us.

Agreed. I’m sure we have a lot to look forward too, especially as we approach the halfway point of the season.

Thanks again for stopping by, hopefully, there will be more showers for you next week…

You bet!

Fire Force Episode 10 Company 8 Station

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