Fire Force (Episode 34) – The Woman in Black

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The woman in black can only offer Shinra one second of Adolla Grace. What could he possibly do with that? Shinra, however, seems to think that will be more than enough and I’m inclined to let him try!

Fire Force (Episode 34) – The Woman in Black

What happened?

The woman in black grants Shinra what little Grace she can give him. It seems pointless, but she doesn’t know Shinra that well. With the Evangelist’s Grace, he was able to keep up with his brother, Sho’s ability to freeze time. When you can travel fast enough to turn back time, one second is more than enough. Ogun was in the middle of fighting Tempe when Shinra began to move and he was still in the same place when it was all over.

As Shinra battled Tempe, he travelled back through time, seeing Tempe’s past. How he lost everything in the Great Cataclysm and then met the Evangelist who entered this world through the spacial rift. The woman in black thanked Shinra for saving her forest but also confirmed that she too was just a human that had been changed by the Evangelist’s insects. Licht explained all he found within the Tabernacle to Shinra which just raised more questions.

Fire Force Episode 34 Juggernaut Tamaki Ogun and Schop

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

The second we saw Shinra’s grin at the end of the last episode, I knew this one was going to be amazing. Not only did we have Shinra moving faster than light, but we got some pretty heavy story development. We always knew that things were a little darker than it often shows us. That said, did you see any of this coming? I’m off to reread our old posts because I’m sure we might have predicted some of this. Yomu, I’ll let you get us started while I do some research…

Yomu Profile

We sure did Lynn. I surmised that the girl from earlier who linked with Shinra was possibly a prisoner, and that her want for destruction may be related to that, to which you agreed. It’s clear she’ll play a bigger role in the story than she has so far.

I’m trying to recall if there’s anything else we touched upon.

I certainly didn’t expect Shinra to be able to do so much with what was described as ‘a little power’. Seems that Shinra and the other Adollas have a very high ceiling in terms of their power.

Lynn Profile

Yeah. I remembered Shinra’s fight with Sho at the end of last season and he started to move backwards in time thanks to the Grace from the Evangelist so I was ready for him to go nuts. I didn’t expect to see Tenge’s past and the moment the Evangelist came through the temporal rift thought. Obviously, there are still lots of questions, but that was some pretty big revelations. The fact that the Amaterasu is likely powered by that girl changes so much.

I’ve been impressed with how much it’s revealed so quickly into season two. Do you think it’s going to keep this pace up for the whole season?

Yomu Profile

I think that the revelations are just beginning. This has become one of those “the past explains the present” situations, and with Shinra able to get glimpses of the past, I’m sure Tenge won’t be the last flashback we see. It seems that everything, going back to ancient human history, will be important to consider here.

And to switch gears a little, what do you think is the significance of pi?

Lynn Profile

I have no idea. It could be nothing, but I doubt they would have a red herring like that. Surely, the most surprising thing was that Arthur was the one to spot the pattern. Licht must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I think the most important thing is going to be how this changes things when they get home. Captain Obi is not going to be able to keep this to himself and could make himself an enemy of the Church of Sol.

Yomu Profile

My only thought is that pi has something to do with a ‘cycle of rebirth’, like the number’s relation to a circle plays a role in Adolla and so on.

At least we’ve known for some time now that the church was not what it seems. It always felt like it was only a matter of time until it became the enemy.

Definitely excited to see what happens next now that we’re back in Tokyo.

Lynn Profile

Absolutely. I’m sure that there’s a lot to look forward to, especially as it’s been a pretty eventful first third of season two. Guess we better go watch the next one.

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