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A firefighter facing multiple murder convictions has just been set free, but as the judgement was passed, he burst into flames and became an Infernal. It would seem like divine justice, but he’s just become even more deadly!

What did you watch?

Things are heating up in Fire Force! That was an obviously terrible pun and a terribly obvious pun too, but I’m not even sorry. This was episode 4 and I’m really enjoying it. Once more, I have invited Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog so that we can discuss the episode. It might seem like I have less work to do if I’m splitting the review between the two of us, but that’s not even close to the reality. Everyone gets more. You get more review and I get more… work… Anyhow, there will be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Fire Force Episode 4 Mascots Watching Shinra Fly

What happened?

Shinra and Arthur were stuck on desk duty and generally getting in the way, so when a call comes in for a dog stuck in a tree, Maki sends them to help. Well, the dog was actually the dog-faced old man mascot for the Fire Force and he’d been forced up a tree by people angry at a firefighter facing several murder charges. The final sentencing is scheduled for later that day. Shinra and Arthur end up helping the three mascots to distribute ballons.

Then as the sentencing was concluded and he was found not guilty, the murderous firefighter spontaneously combusted and became an Infernal. Unlike the others they’ve faced, this Infernal was self-aware and determined to continue his murder spree. Company 8 heads to the courthouse, but Company 5 has shown up and is determined to take the Infernal into custody!

Fire Force Episode 4 Shinra Angry

It’s Yomu’s turn to go first, which means I can just copy all of his answers… Anyhow, thanks for being here and as always Yomu will be in bold.

What did you think?

I thought that this was an excellent continuation from last week. We were notified of potential corruption in the Fire Force, and now we’ve been exposed to a more shady division in Fire Force Division 5. While we don’t know if they’re explicitly corrupt or not just yet, it’s great to see the progression here. In addition, we also got some more great action! The episode honestly felt short I enjoyed it so much.

I’d agree with that. It definitely felt short. Always a good sign that you’re getting into it. I thought Company 5 with their Captain was excellent. Completely absurd but also excellent. I also noticed something a little unusual about there captain and I’ll get to that later. Once more the visuals are spectacular, especially when you had the three mascots standing together with their balloons as Shinra and Arthur shot through the clouds. I really enjoyed this one.

Fire Force Episode 4 Shinra Versus Infernal

What was your favourite moment?

Favourite moment was watching Shinra kick that infernal’s ass. I was worried that he was going to go easy on it at first, but it pissed him off enough that he got the conviction to take it out. Of course he never fully got the chance, but I was glad that he got some hits in. Wasn’t the longest fight per se, but I enjoyed it and the build-up to it with the courtroom and all that.

Yeah, when he fired the car at the infernal and then landed on it looking like a devil was excellent. There were actually a lot of little moments in this one for me. I had to laugh when Arthur hitched a ride on Shinra’s back and then had the audacity to say ‘Hiyo Silver’. That cracked me up.

Then there was the moment where the guy from Company 5 was dissing Captain Obi and Maki fires in a gut-punch when no one was watching, but Hinawa saw and you’re expecting some sort of disapproval but he gave her the thumbs up. And finally, I know but I’m not sorry, when the Captains were talking, all off Company 5 were stood behind her posing as if it was the Charlie’s Angels moment and they held it for the entire conversation.

Fire Force Episode 4 Princess Hibana Fire Soldier Chair

What was your least favourite moment?

Least favourite moment was… you know it’s really hard to think of a single scene I disliked enough from this episode. I guess the part where that sadist girl (forget her name) was able to bring Shinra to his knees using her powers. Seemed a bit unfair, although I guess we’ll learn more about it in the future.

I feel the same way, the only moment I felt was a little off was right at the beginning when the captain of company 5 was sitting on a throne made of rookie fire soldiers, but mostly because Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? did the same thing last week. After a couple of seconds, I was fine with it and carried on to really enjoy everything about this episode.

Fire Force Episode 4 Princess Hibana Staring At Iris

Who was your favourite character?

Favourite character was that new sadist character. I’m glad to see another potential antagonist, and from within the Fire Force no less! I hope that she messes with Division 8 more in future episodes. While she seems like a fairly stereotypical sadist type, I’m glad that she is exposing us to the sketchy side of the Fire Force. Just like Joker, I feel like she has the potential to be a turncoat too.

I’m so glad you picked her because I’m going to second that and this brings me to the thing I noticed in the episode. So, the captain has pink hair and there was a moment where her gaze lingered on Iris for long enough that I felt it wasn’t a coincidence. Then in the end credits, which shows Iris’ tragic backstory, there was a pink-haired girl teaching Iris to play the piano. I’m certain that the two know each other and it will come to light that the captain had something to do with what happened to Iris.

Fire Force Episode 4 Young Iris And Princess Hibana

Who was your least favourite character?

Least favourite character was.. the infernal I guess! I wanted to see him ground into dust by Shinra. The anime did a great job of making him so detestable in such a short period of time. I have a feeling we’ll see him again at some point too.

Yeah, he stood out for all the right reasons and his design was pretty cool too. I would have loved to see Shinra really pound him into ash too. I thought it was excellent that he became an Infernal after being found not guilty. The way the spectators called it Devine judgement but in reality, he had just become stronger and far more dangerous.

Fire Force Episode 4 Special Company 5 Posing

Would you like some more?

I would love some more. Things are just starting to get interesting here in Fire Force, and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out. We’ve got Joker, and now Division 5. Both are very intriguing, plus there’s still the Captain’s past as you mentioned. Can’t wait to see things come together.

Yeah, I love how it’s gone from a really interesting series about Fire Soldiers fighting people that turn into fire demons to much more than that with the infighting within Fire Force and the potential for someone being behind everything. It just seems to get more interesting with every episode.

Care to make any predictions?

I predict that that sadist… Iris was it? I think that she’s going to get too greedy for power and that things aren’t going to go well for her. Maybe Division 8 will have a hand in that, but I just predict that her little kingdom is going to collapse around her in time. Maybe that infernal will also have a hand in it.

Iris is the Sister working with Company 8, but I could see that for the Captain of Company 5. I need to see who’s controlling that company because that will come into play I’m sure. I feel like we’re going to get introduced to all of the key companies in the next couple of episodes and something big is going to happen.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just that I’d like to continue on with this series! There’s so much potential for crazy plot developments and twists… you just know that there’s much more to the Fire Force and the Church than what we know right now. Each episode moving forward will likely give us more crumbs of info, it’s getting hard to wait a week per episode!

I agree, bring on the rest. Well, thanks once more for stopping by for our weekly Fire Force discussion. I’m definitely looking forward to many more.

Fire Force Episode 4 Arthur Riding Shinra

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