Fire Force (Episode 31) – Road to the Oasis

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Shinra and the team arrive on the Chinese Peninsula and head inland to a spatial rift where they believe they can find out more about what happened all those years ago. It’s not going to be an easy trip though!

Fire Force (Episode 31) – Road to the Oasis

What happened?

They set off across the landmass and even though they had been warned about strange gases, only Victor Licht wore a gas mask. Everyone else was left as a gibbering mess as they breathed in the gas. After a while, however, something appeared from the ground. Shinra wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating or not, but Licht saw it too. A giant armoured earthworm burst out of the ground and it appeared to be chasing someone. That someone was a mole with a flaming tail.. oh, and he could talk!

Soon after they met another talking animal, this time a crow who guided them to an oasis that used to be their home until some terrifying beings arrived and chased them away. The strangest thing was that at the centre of the lush oasis was a tower similar to Amaterasu. The crow, Beauty and the Mole, Schop called it Tabernacle, but it was undoubtedly similar although not operational. After fighting off some Infernal dogs, Shinra heard a voice telling him to save the forest. It felt like an Adolla link, but where was it coming from?

Fire Force Episode 31 Beauty alking with Ogun and Shinra

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

Well, I’d be lying if I said that I was expecting there to be talking animals in this series. That came out of nowhere. I will say that exploring beyond Tokyo is excellent and the world is actually looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s all seemed quite civilised up until now so this is a welcome change. The sight of thousands of Infernals roaming the wasteland was amazing and the thought that they had been wandering since the Great Cataclysm was a terrifying touch. Yomu, what do you think about these latest developments, especially the talking animals?

Yomu Profile

Well, if there was any doubt that the world of Fire Force had stepped into fantasy before, there’s none now. Humans that have adapted powers to manipulate flames could maybe be written off as some sort of pyrokinesis, but talking animals, well, that changes things a little! As for the actual animals, they seem nice enough, haha.

And it’s interesting to learn that about the Infernals, and to learn anything new about them at this point in the series. I suppose infernals cross over into your territory now, as ‘fire zombies’ of sorts!

Lynn Profile

Yeah, fire zombies has taken this series to the next level. It’s interesting to think that they would just keep burning, but then I guess the Fire Force has been taking care of any that appeared in Tokyo. The talking animals threw me at first, but then I wasn’t sure if it was because they were all high from the gases. Nice to have Licht around to confirm that we weren’t all going crazy.

Yomu Profile

I guess the real question now is what these power plants have to do with everything. I always figured the one in Tokyo was just that – a power plant, but it seems that they also play a role in allowing things to grow in the area, fighting back against damage caused by the Cataclysm. To see one in the middle of nowhere is very interesting, and I wonder what we’ll learn about it – and the one in Tokyo by extension.

Lynn Profile

For sure. It was a nice reveal and will change everything we already know about them… which isn’t that much at this point, but I get the feeling that’s going to change soon. Also, the oasis was cool, especially with Shinra experiencing another Adolla Link.

I’m excited to find out more about this world and exactly what has happened to it.

Yomu Profile

Yep. As we said last time, before they arrived in China, there’s just still a huge blanket of ‘unknown’ in this series. I look forward to any answers and info that we can get.

On a side note, I do wonder if we’ll see Inca again while she’s fraternizing with the White Clad, or if after all of this is done, we’ll get a nice reveal of her as a fully-fledged member of the enemy. But then again, for all we know, perhaps the Church is the true enemy, and the White Clad have been right all along…? And where does Joker fit into all of this?

Lynn Profile

What if they’re all enemies? Someone has got a lot of explaining to do, that’s for sure. I guess we better get back to watching if we’re going to make any sense of this.

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