Fire Force (Episode 27) – A New Flashpoint

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The hunt for the Fifth Pillar is on and as usual, the Eighth can’t expect any help from the other Special Fire Forces. They believe it’s a girl that can predict fires and uses that skill to rob people. Who will find her first?

Fire Force (Episode 27) – A New Flashpoint

What happened?

Shinra apologised to Captain Hague for losing control, but Hague was fine with it. After all, he got to see the Adolla once more. After saying their goodbyes, Shinra informs Captain Obi what the girl that invaded his mind said to him. They have no idea if she was lying or not, but if there’s a chance that there is another Adolla user, they need to find them before the Evangelist does. Obi speaks with his boss in the hopes that they can mobilise the entire force, but few believe him, especially the Hajime Group.

Inca was on her way to school when she noticed a strange aroma in the air. She made an excuse to her friends and ran back to check it out. It was the smell of an impending fire. Ever since she almost died in a terrible fire, Inca has had the ability to see where the flames will go. However, rather than using this power for good, she saves people in exchange for their valuables. This time she’s out of her depth as a series of fires rip through the area and then Charon appears and murders one of her friends. He’s come to claim her for the Evangelist!

Fire Force Episode 27 Charon and Haumea

What did you think?

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It’s the third episode of season two and we are not waiting around for anyone to catch up. With me as always is Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog. So, the First Pillar, the one that came to Shinra in his head seems to be a bit of a free agent. I say that as in I don’t think she’s working with the Evangelist. At least not with the White Clad. Hey, Yomu, what were your thoughts on this episode?

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Sure is. Seems the First Pillar is pitting the Fire Force against the Evangelist for some reason or another. “I’ve been watching this empire for a very long time.” in her own words. Considering there is still a lot of mystery behind the Church as well as the Fire Force itself, I feel like it’s safe to assume that the First Pillar probably knows a thing or two. I’m sure it’ll all connect soon enough…

What are your thoughts on Inca, the newest Pillar?

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Inca definitely has the crazy look that’s so common in this series and since we’re both a fan of that style, she’s off to a good start. It’s interesting having a character that could go either way. She’s already shown that she’s not exactly a nice person and her thrill for danger could see her end up going with the White Clad over the Fire Force.

I still enjoy seeing Haumea. She always lights up the screen with her brand of crazy. Also, was Charon the one that Tamaki defeated with her Lucky Letcher or is he new? Either way, he’s crazy too!

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You’re asking me to remember too much there. Maybe he was? Looks like we’ll get a nice fight between him and Shinra next episode anyways.

And I agree, Inca feels like a wild card. It definitely feels like she wouldn’t fit in with the Fire Force crew, unless something happens like she falls in love with one of them or something of that nature. I also lean towards her going with the White Clad. But then again, she did seem pretty shocked when her friend was killed by Charon, so maybe everything going on will serve as a reality check of sorts.

I’m curious to see what’ll happen next. Aside from the Shinra vs. Charon fight, there’s still the rest of the Fire Force in the area who are bound to get caught up in something I imagine. Any predictions for next episode?

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I just hope we get a good fight. It’ll probably involve some help from someone or Shinra getting a power-up as Charon took his flaming foot to the face without even flinching. The fights are always good so I have high hopes for this one too. What are you hoping for?

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Well along those lines, I’d like to see something new with Shinra. Maybe he discovers a new ability using his Adolla Link or something like that. Other than that, I’m just looking forward to seeing more of Inca and how she’ll react to everything.

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