Fire Force (Episode 29) – Corna (Sign of the Devil) / A Secret Plan

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Shinra struggles to make any sort of impact on Charon, but he can’t give up. If he does, Inca is lost. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fire Force are busy dealing with the Demon Infernal and Licht has a plan for that!

Fire Force (Episode 29) – Corna (Sign of the Devil) / A Secret Plan

What happened?

As Shinra fights Charon, it dawns on him that he might be approaching the battle completely wrong. Every one of his attacks is somehow being absorbed and not long after Charon releases an explosion. Where is he getting the energy from? Could Charon be a second-generation, using Shinra’s fire against himself? It certainly seems that way. Shinra’s only hope is to perfect the timing of his second attack, hitting Charon with more energy than he can control. It works and the result is spectacular.

The Demon Infernal is on a rampage with the second-generation Fire Soldiers acting as a protective shield. Benimaru and Konro are the only Fire Soldiers to have ever purified a Demon Infernal and they didn’t answer the call for help. Flam attempts to capture it with his ice attack, but that only slows it down for a moment. Captain Obi turns to Licht for a plan and a plan he gets. It’s more than a little crazy, but it might just work.

Fire Force Episode 29 Charon using stored energy

What did you think?

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Well, that was a lot of action! It wasn’t quite to the levels of the fights in the Nether at the end of season one, but they were pretty spectacular. I was a tiny bit disappointed to see Charon get back up after Shinra’s awesome attack and “Rock and Roll” celebration, but that just means we get more of the same. Hey, Yomu this series really is quite the feast for the eyes and this episode was no exception. Got any thoughts to start us off?

Yomu Profile

Glad you were excited about it. Action as it was, I feel as if we were robbed of quality action because the infernal demon was just a mindless, useless enemy. It just made noises and charged straight ahead while people remarked at how powerful it was. To me, it was a joke and kind of felt like a waste of time given the other ongoing fights.

Shinra vs. Charon was great though. And I guess we still don’t know who Inca will end up with, given how things are going there!

What were your thoughts on the Infernal Demon?

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I’d agree completely. I mentioned in the last episode how the Infernals had become a joke and the Demon Infernal just took that to the next level. The best part of that fight was Licht’s crazy plan and Vulcan losing patience with Obi. That and the stunning firestorm.

I liked how Shinra was constantly assessing and adjusting his attacks against Charon. It really felt like he earned that victory, which was probably why I was initially a little disappointed to see Charon get up.

As for Inca, I feel like she will want to go with Shinra, especially after her reactions to his attack and Flam’s ice tower. She gets off on danger and there will be no shortage of it with the Fire Force.

Yomu Profile

The one thing I’ll say about Shinra’s fight in counter to what you’ve already said is that while it was nice to see Shinra crack Charon’s armour, so to speak, it did feel like Shinra bounced back a few times too many. It sort of felt like we’d crossed into shounen trope territory with how much of a beating Shinra took and kept getting back up. Of course, this is a shounen, but it feels like cheating to watch it all the same.

And I was feeling the same way, that perhaps Shinra is winning Inca over through his actions. But remember, her friend was torn apart in front of her eyes by Charon, and she still revealed how crazy she is after such an event. She’s still a total wild card I think.

I hope we get more Arthur next episode.

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Yeah, it’s hard to argue with that too. It is a shounen so I think my expectations have been tempered a little in relation to the bouncebackability of these characters.

Hopefully, we’ll find out just how crazy Inca is in the next episode and more Arthur would certainly be welcome, especially as he’s fighting Haumea.

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Inca’s reactions last episode were quite shocking, but now there’s the possibility that she could take a liking to the Fire Force. Regardless of what happens, I hope she doesn’t level out, and instead remains as a chaotic element of sorts. Her drive for excitement makes things exciting, I’d say.

And as always, we’ll likely soon find out how things play out, and not just with Inca.

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That would be terrible. Too often we see interesting characters become hollow shells once they meet the guy. We kind of saw it with Princess Hibana in season one, so hopefully, Inca will do enough to bring out the crazy in Hibana too. Not saying she’ll be a love rival, but her just being there might make things interesting.

On to the next episode then. We have questions that need answering.

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