Fire Force (Episode 30) – The Time to Choose

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Inca has a choice to make. Either she goes with the Fire Force and likely answers for her crimes or she goes with the White Clads and potentially dies. What will she choose – safety or danger?

Fire Force (Episode 30) – The Time to Choose

What happened?

After seeing the ice tower, Inca was torn on how to proceed. Haumea had given the order to pull out, but Shinra wasn’t about to let them. He pleaded and reasoned with Inca, but she was already weighing the situation. In the end, she chose to go with Charon without restraints. Shinra tried once more to save her, but Charon hit him hard and then walked away.

Shinra was frustrated that he couldn’t save Inca or defeat Charon. There was so much that they didn’t know about the Evangelist, Adolla Bursts, or even the Great Cataclysm of two hundred and fifty years ago that changed the shape of the continents. Obi decided to send a team to the Chinese peninsular to see what they can find. Shinra, Arthur, Tamaki, and Licht were chosen from the Eighth and they were accompanied by several from other districts. What will they find?

Fire Force Episode 30 Inca

What did you think?

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So, Yomu I think we should start this one off by talking about Inca and just how completely nuts she is. I feel like she’s slowly become more and more deranged and I certainly didn’t see her doing that to Panda when we first met her. We predicted a reality where she went with the White Clad but it was still surprising when it happened.

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What’s really crazy about the situation is how she murdered her own friend. Contrast back to when her other friend was murdered a few episodes ago, and it seems like she’s really lost it after all of the action. It also seems that she regards her newfound ability as some form of “fate” which helps drive her decisions.

Makes you wonder how Inca will end up after spending more time with the White Clad.

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Absolutely. She’s been completely corrupted by the power and the idea of facing the consequences of her actions is obviously too much. Still, I didn’t think she’d kill Panda. I think we both felt like this was the way that things would have ended out, just not necessarily how they would go.

And it looks like we’re heading into the next arc and we’re going to get to see what the world is like outside of Tokyo. This is what we’ve been waiting for. There’s so much story that they haven’t touched on and this was one I have been anticipating for some time. How about you?

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If I remember correctly, wasn’t there something about the outside hinted at last season? Related to Arthur or something like this?

Either way, it’ll definitely prove interesting. We really don’t know much of anything about the world outside Tokyo. I think the only strange thing is ‘why’ they are leaving Tokyo, as so far all of the pillars have appeared within Tokyo itself, no? At the very least, the ones we know about. That part struck me as a bit sudden and unexplained.

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Yeah, Arthur went missing and was shown wandering through some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland and seemed to be enjoying himself… It was pretty odd and led us to speculate as to whether he’s hiding something.

As to why they are leaving Tokyo, I feel like Licht is driving that and he’s getting information from Joker. However, Obi just going along with it is strange, especially as he’s been able to pull together a joint operation task force without anyone questioning why. At least we’ll get to see more of the world and how that plays into the overall story. I’m excited.

Yomu Profile

Yes. Seeing the Licht / Joker connection again was good. Just another piece of the puzzle, or wrench in the works. As you already mentioned, there’s still so much story for us to see. Looking forward to it for sure.

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