Fire Force (Episode 6) – The Spark of Promise

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With most of Special Fire Force Company 5 subdued, Shinra goes after the Captain, Princess Hibana, but can he overcome her fire attacks that left him weak at the knees last time they met?

What did you watch?

The last episode sent Company 8 charging into Company 5’s headquarters to rescue Iris. We finally got to see Hinawa fight… and it was good! It ended with Shinra about to go up against Princess Hibana. So, let’s got on with episode 6 of Fire Force already. As has become the custom around these parts, I am joined again by Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog to discuss this episode. Get ready for the spoilers. They will follow this image, but not all at once…

Fire Force Episode 6 Shinra Ready to Fight

What happened?

Shinra entered the main building and quickly came face to face with Princess Hibana. Iris was close by and looking a little worse for wear. Hibana taunted Shinra, reminding him of their last encounter and as he takes another step towards her, she attacks increasing the heat in his brain slightly, forcing him to topple over. She places her heal on his head and mocks his attempts to be a hero, but Shinra’s not done yet.

Hibana is shocked to see Shinra climb back to his feet. She realises that at last, she has a fight on her hands and prepares herself. Shinra tries to rush her but she messes with his head again and sends him flying into a wall. Finally, she creates a giant flaming sakura tree with blossoms that burn. Shinra manages to compose himself again and gets close enough to land a blow, but will it be enough?

Fire Force Episode 6 Princess Hibana Fire Tree

This week, it’s Yomu’s turn to go first. I’ll try not to copy all your answers, but I’m not promising anything… So, thanks for joining me for another exciting episode of Fire Force. As always Yomu, you will be in bold.

What did you think?

As I expected, we got a fight between Shinra and Hibana. In addition, Hibana switched sides, although that happened faster than I had thought it would! Overall I think this episode was an excellent combination of beautiful visuals and action, something that Fire Force does so well.

Agreed, the visuals were outstanding as usual and we certainly got plenty of action. I also felt that Hibana flipped a little too easily. I am glad that it didn’t take the fight into another episode in typical shounen style, but then Fire Force has been pretty efficient with its arcs so far.

Fire Force Episode 6 Princess Hibana Sakura Blossom

What was your favourite moment?

I really loved just seeing Hibana’s flowery flames, both in the flashback and in the actual battle. The giant flame sakura tree, in particular, was stunning, although it didn’t seem very effective… I’d love to see more of Hibana’s abilities in future episodes though.

Yeah, that tree was incredible. For me, it was the moment Hibana woke up to find her head resting in Iris’s lap as Shinra shielded them with his jacket. Even after everything that had happened, Shinra could see that Iris had a connection and did his part as the hero.

I also loved the scene after the end credits with Captain Obi. He’d been laying down the groundwork for the operation and been tied up with the top brass. Then, when he was finally ready to join the others, he finds out it’s all over. He looked pretty disappointed.

Fire Force Episode 6 Captain Obi Finally Ready To Join In

What was your least favourite moment?

It’s tough to pick a least favourite moment this time around. I suppose just the way that Hibana fell for Shinra would be my least favourite aspect from the episode. Even if the fight itself was tense and whatnot, it didn’t seem all that convincing that Hibana would drop EVERYTHING she’s been doing up until now and begin helping Fire Force 8. I feel like she would have needed more time to come to that conclusion.

I would also agree with that. There were two things about the fight that kind of bothered me. Firstly, how Shinra just decided he wasn’t going to be affected by Hibana’s power any more. And secondly, it looked like he was going to take her head off with that hit. Maybe a hero should show a little restraint.

Fire Force Episode 6 Shinra Knocks Out Princess Hibana

Who was your favourite character?

Well, despite me not believing her sudden transformation, I still think Hibana was my favourite from the episode, if mainly because of her beautiful flames. I also really like her antagonistic side, and I hope that she keeps her attitude even after she’s switched sides. And I’m curious as to how she will end up helping Fire Force 8 in the future, after all, we still haven’t found out the results of her infernal research yet.

True. She must have some information to give them, but I dare say it’s not going to be everything they’re after. I think I’m going with Shinra. It’s hard because there was only really three characters in this episode, but I did like how once he’d won, he said that he would protect Hibana because that’s what heroes do.

Fire Force Episode 6 Iris Comforts Princess Hibana While Shinra Shields Her From Flames

Who was your least favourite character?

Iris. Despite her past with Hibana, and her rushing in there to see Hibana last episode, she never seemed to accomplish anything. I’m beginning to wonder what her purpose even is in Fire Force 8 because right now I have no clue. Hopefully, she’ll prove herself soon enough though.

I mentioned Iris last week for those reasons too. It just didn’t make much sense. This week, however, I’m going to pick the Angels 3. There are way more than three of them and they appear to be completely useless except for wearing skintight fire suits and posing. They’re great and all, but if they hadn’t been in it, I don’t think anyone would have been that bothered.

Fire Force Episode 6 Shinra Takes on the Angels 3

Would you like some more?

Yes, let’s see what help Hibana has to offer the team. I’m hoping for some sort of twist involving infernals, although I have a feeling we the viewers won’t be all that surprised to find out that people becoming infernals is not just a random occurrence…

Yeah, I’m expecting some massive conspiracy or I’ll be pretty disappointed. That said, nothing has changed for me. I’m still really enjoying this show and am loving the visuals. It has got to be one of the most stunning shows I’ve seen in a while, especially with the contrast of the flames and the blue glow of their uniforms. I’m hoping for a little more active duty from the Fire Force in the next episode and not straight into investigating another of the companies. Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

Fire Force Episode 6 Iris Comforts Princess Hibana

Aside from the inevitable info dump, I’d like to learn more about the villains working behind the scenes, like Joker. Either way, things have moved quickly these past few episodes, and while I’m expecting next episode to slow down a bit, maybe it’ll keep up the pace. We’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s hard to say. The series has been moving at quite the pace, especially for a shounen series. I’d like to see more of the rest of the team again. I really enjoyed last week’s episode where we got to see them all fighting. Maki definitely needs more screen time too.

Obi also could use some action. I was surprised he sat the entire operation out this time!

Absolutely. I think he felt a little left out that the rest of the team had all the fun. Well, thanks again for stopping by and letting me copy your answers.

Fire Force Episode 6 Princess Hibana Show Iris Fire Flowers

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