Fire Force (Episode 36) – Shadows Cast by Divine Light

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Joker and Benimaru continue their assault on the Holy Sol church in search of some damning scriptures. To do that, they’ll need to enter the Nether and face the Holy Sol’s Shadows!

Fire Force (Episode 36) – Shadows Cast by Divine Light

What happened?

Benimaru didn’t stay down for long as his body burnt off the toxin. The priest was stunned as it was enough to bring down a large animal. Benimaru is clearly bigger! He made swift work of the remaining priests. However, when they got inside, there was no one left. Joker pointed out that they had retreated to the Nether. Benimaru was surprised that he knew this and wanted to know why.

Luckily, the reason came and found them. Joker had been part of a team of assassins that work for the Holy Sol church, but he ran away and has been looking for a way to get back at them for some time. Now, he had his chance. Joker took on the Commander while Benimaru fought the rest. He made quick work of them, while Joker took a more methodical approach. In the end, he killed the Commander, but that was just the first way. Leonard Burns had just arrived!

Fire Force Episode 36 Caution Joker and Benimaru

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

Amazingly, we got a bit of backstory to the church without actually revealing anything other than the fact that they have a team of assassins built up from orphans and run by a twisted guy with a penchant for torture. Otherwise, this episode was insane. I loved the fights and I’m glad we saw some of Joker’s history even if it was awful. Yomu, what did you think?

Yomu Profile

Benimaru sure is built tough. But I wonder if that toughness will last. Also, we never talked about it last episode, but what do you think about how the Church seems to think he’s some evil god or whatever?

Loved the action, as you say we didn’t learn any secrets per se, but learning about Joker’s past was great. I think you and I both have liked Joker for a long time now.

Lynn Profile

I’m not sure if that’s just because his district practices Shinto and doesn’t conform to the Church of Sol or not, but we’ve known he was pretty strong since we saw him last season. Joker has obviously given him his seal of approval and that’s good enough for me. And, yeah, Joker has been a fascinating character all the way through as he seems to watch over Shinra but is also prepared to do whatever he wants to achieve his goal.

I was surprised at how strong the leader of the Shadows was. We’ve not seen Joker have much trouble with anyone except Sho so that was good. I loved that the trick he used to win played on the name. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next one now that Burns has shown up.

Yomu Profile

Yeah, this could go in any number of ways from here. I can’t see Burns losing, but we could see something such as a cave-in, or a situation where Benimaru and Joker escape, or only one of them escapes, etc.

Ultimately, I hope we get some answers.

Lynn Profile

Agreed. It’s quite an exciting development, although it appeared that Joker was expecting him. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

Yomu Profile

Perhaps we’ll learn something about Burns.

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