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District 7 is in a state of chaos and only Benimaru can bring back order… well, he tells them all to beat the hell out of each other… Meanwhile, the Ashen Knight Infernalised into a Demon!

What did you watch?

We’re heading back to District 7 in Fire Force episode 14 and in the last episode, they left us with several cliffhangers. Personally, I’m hoping to see the end of the District 7 arc and not because I haven’t enjoyed it. I just feel like there’s a bigger picture that needs to be addressed and we could do with some serious action too. Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog is back again to discuss this episode and it seems unlikely for there to be any flashbacks, so it should be fairly positive… shouldn’t it? Anyhow, get ready for spoilers and beautiful animation.

Fire Force Episode 14 Tamaki and Maki

What happened?

Konro was trying to find Benimaru in an attempt to restore order to the district and find him, he did. Benimaru was a little hesitant about being the one to give the directions, but Konro reassured him that the people would listen to him. So, Benimaru lifted a lookout tower into the air with his fire and called out from the top. He warned them that there were imposters and there was no way to tell who the were, so everyone should start beating the hell out of each other. That seemed to get a lot of support and the festival began.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Shinra were still battling the Ashen Knights and one had just eaten a fire insect. He Infernalised and transformed into a demon. Shinra froze when he had a memory of when he lost his mother and brother. Then he had a crazy vision which prompted the remaining Ashen Knight to ask why he was not on their side. Before he could answer the Infernal Demon was back and Arthur and Shinra were looking out of their depth, but luckily for them, Benimaru showed up and lifted the demon high into the sky.

The Ashen Knight archer unleashed a fire arrow targeting Benimaru. Konro tried to stop it but couldn’t do anything. He called for Shinra who somehow understood and flew after the arrow. Shinra managed to deflect the fire arrow, leaving Benimaru to finish off the Infernal Demon with a massive attack that turned the sky red!

Fire Force Episode 14 Benimaru on Burning Broom

Hey, Yomu. Thanks for stopping by. There was plenty of action in this episode and zero flashbacks as long as you don’t count the brief second Benimaru thought about when Konro defeated the Infernal Demon in the past. Anyhow, it’s your turn to go first, so over to you… and as always Yomu will be in bold.

What did you think?

Hello again. I thought that this episode did an excellent job of showing us just how powerful Benimaru actually is. Carpet bombing his own city didn’t really do him any justice. An amazing display of his power, and overall a pretty good fight I’d say.

Yeah, I’d agree. He’s one tough bugger, that’s for sure. I thought the action was excellent and the idea to stop the fakes by everyone beating the hell out of each other was hilarious, especially when Maki and Tamaki joined in. I still don’t feel like we really progressed much of the story though, other than a couple more clues and questions.

Fire Force Episode 14 Tamaki and Maki Fighting

What was your favourite moment?

Favourite moment was Benimaru doing his thing. At first, I thought maybe it was a bit over the top, flying so high into the sky, but I think it also sends a good message to his people that he doesn’t mess around.

Honestly, I was wondering if he was just going to rocket the infernal into orbit for a while there!

It certainly looked like it at one point. I loved Shinra chasing the fire arrow and then as he fought with it, he gave himself one of his classic superhero names. This time it was Kick-this-away-whatever-it-takes Man! It’s silly, but they always make me laugh. I did also like his vision with the weird skeletal legs. That was freaky and it seemed like the archer could see it too, otherwise, her comments made no sense.

Fire Force Episode 14 Shinra Deflects Fire Arrow

What was your least favourite moment?

I have two. First is what you just brought up – personally I thought it was a bit unrealistic for Shinra to be able to catch up to an arrow. I know this isn’t the most realistic show, but still… it’s a projectile and he’s a human. I would have preferred if he had noticed she was about to fire and moved to intercept prior to it being fired, or if he was already in the air.

The other was just how Konro was once again all “I can’t help you Benimaru, this is all up to you”. No offence, I know he’s injured and all, but he can still talk. I still don’t understand why he REFUSES to help AT ALL, instead just pushing everything on Benimaru, from figuring out solutions to problems to fighting. Konro is a real loser in my books.

I’d completely agree about Konro. It just seems like he isn’t willing to do anything and wants Benimaru to shoulder all of the responsibilities.

For me, it was something a little less intrusive, but I still find Benimaru flying around on a burning broomstick to be a bit absurd. I know it’s not a broomstick, but it looks like it and it makes him look like a witch. I just don’t think it looks that cool.

Fire Force Episode 14 Shinra Racing to Catch Up to Fire Arrow

Who was your favourite character?

While I can’t remember their names, I’m going with those twins. We finally got to see their ability, which is apparently to just burst into flames. Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t get mistaken for infernals! I would have liked to see them fight something.

Hikage and Hinata. I thought they looked like fiery foxes with their ability activated. It would have been nice to see a little more of how they fight rather than just stamping on those guys. I liked how Arthur continued to step up and kept Shinra out of harm’s way for the most part, but seeing Benimaru take out the Infernal was insane, not to mention when he lifted the lookout tower into the air. All around Benimaru was cool (with the exception of the broomstick).

Fire Force Episode 14 Hikage and Hinata with Fire Powers on Show

Who was your least favourite character?

Once again, I simply can’t list anyone but Konro, because he’s so far below everyone else it’d be dishonest to pick someone else. Guy is a loser who made what I consider to be the wrong decision in the past, unnecessarily sacrificing himself and denying help from Benimaru, getting himself injured, and then proceeding to dump all responsibilities onto Benimaru. He’s delusional if he thinks he has been helpful at all to Benimaru. He may as well just leave the town for good, or die, to be honest. Useless guy.

I can’t really disagree with a single word you’ve said there. It has to be Konro. There is another character that I feel like I should discuss and that is the Ashen Knight archer. Over the last couple of episodes, she’s made a lot of comments about Shinra being on the wrong side and she looks distinctly normal compared to the other villains. It just strikes me that she will flip sides at some point, which I feel will be a shame.

Fire Force Episode 14 Ashen Knight Archer

Would you like some more?

I suppose so. I think that this arc has dragged on a bit too long. I can’t really say what I’m hoping for next. I guess I just want things to progress, I don’t know. More good action and beautiful animation I guess.

That’s pretty much how I feel. I enjoyed this episode but it just hasn’t blown me away lately. It seems to have lost a lot of its momentum since the break.

The animation is fantastic, but the story hasn’t been as compelling for some time now. There are so many bigger picture questions that need answering and we just seem focus on one district that had no real outcome other than they’re all friends now!

Fire Force Episode 14 Ashen Knight Turns into Infernal Demon

I prescribe at least one shower scene, a new development, and a Joker appearance. Hopefully, that’d be enough to get things back on track.

I’d add an Infernal fight within an enclosed space too with the flames surrounding them. I think that last happened back in the first episode and the images of it still stick with me.

More than anything, I just want to find out what Arthur was up to when he went missing!

So maybe an Arthur reveal where we find out he’s actually an agent working directly for the head of the church, or something like this.

Maybe, but I feel like it’s bigger than that. Something more secretive. He appeared to be outside of the city, in a wasteland. What if another part of the world survived?

Ah, a secret settlement then. Yeah, maybe. After this episode, I wonder why Benimaru hasn’t flown around on a broomstick to see what the rest of the world looks like. I guess he just doesn’t care.

Haha! Possibly. Either way, there needs to be some sort of progress. I’m just hoping we don’t have to go visit another district for the next three or four episodes.

Fire Force Episode 14 Arthur versus Infernal Demon

One or two episodes is fine though, as seeing new characters and new powers are always fun for a short while.

One or two max. Unless the district is well known for hot pools… then I may revise my opinion.


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