Fire Force (Episode 37) – A Pair of One-Eyes

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Joker and Benimaru find themselves standing before Leonard Burns, Captain of the First, but he doesn’t want to fight. He even has some information that he’d like them to look into.

Fire Force (Episode 37) – A Pair of One-Eyes

What happened?

It turned out the Burns and Joker have a bit of a past together, which culminated in the time they both received an Adolla link to the Evangelist. That was when they each lost the use of one of their eyes. It was the end of Joker’s life in the church and surprisingly the beginning of Burn’s investigation into the church. In all that time, he only found one thing, the diary of Raffles I’s wife. She noticed that Raffles I returned from his quest alone and a changed man. Even his mannerisms and habits were different. Was he even the same person?

Burns concluded that someone set up the church intentionally, but the current Emperor had no idea so there was little to be gained from going after them, especially with the support it offered the average person on the streets. The next target was the Haijima Group, but where to begin, they were involved in almost everything in Tokyo. Even the Fire Force was tied to Haijima. Shinra suggested they ask Victor Licht, however, he had been summoned to Haijima headquarters to explain his findings in China and his theory concerning the Tabernacle and Amaterasu.

Fire Force Episode 37 Leoanrd Burns doesnt want to fight Benimaru

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

Burns backed down from that fight pretty quickly once he saw Benimaru! I’m actually kind of glad that he isn’t necessarily involved in things, although it could all just be a red herring. I was disappointed that they kind of destroyed the mystery of Raffles I by jumping to the Ashen Knights and confirming their suspicions… Anyhow, the scene where Joker and Burns linked with the Evangelist was amazing. I can’t wait to find out what that’s all about. It was also good to see some characters that we haven’t seen in a while too. Yomu, I know you’ll be glad to see Lisa back. Any thoughts on her reintroduction?

Yomu Profile

Always glad to see more cute gals join the team, those are my thoughts. That, and it seems there is some sort of mental condition embedded in her mind, which makes me wonder if she’ll be ‘activated’ in the future for something.

And the Burns ordeal sure was surprising, I was fully expecting a fight to take place. It would have been a good one for sure. The revelations regarding Raffles I seemed to come too quick and too easy, and the confirmation also, as you say. I know we’re always asking for answers in these posts, but I feel like this was all just too convenient…

Lynn Profile

Yeah, the fact that Lisa said there was no link between the Evangelist and the Church despite what we just saw makes me think she’s been severely conditioned to only say what they want her to. She could suddenly go off, but she could just be there to make the Fire Force do what they want. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are interested in something within Haijima and they are planning on swooping in and stealing it once the Fire Force finds it.

I thought the scene where they reintroduced Lisa was pretty funny but mostly because Iris had the same thought that Shinra did when she came in looking to see what Vulcan had made. I was also looking forward to a big fight, especially as it was teased in the OP. We should probably be pleased the OP wasn’t packed full of spoilers like last season.

The big question now is what is Licht up to? He must have known his report would upset the higher-ups, but then maybe that’s what Joker wants him to do!

Yomu Profile

The Licht – Joker angle has always been an interesting one. Considering that it seems some time had passed since the break-in and when Shinra and team found out about everything, it’s possible Joker and Licht had already touched bases as well. What does seem clear is that Licht didn’t seem all that keen to just follow Haijima’s bidding.

My prediction is that he will bring Shinra to them with the plan of having Joker show up and disrupt everything. Something like that, anyways.

Lynn Profile

Yeah, I can see that happening. I do think that will see the return of the Ashen Knights as well as it’s been a while since they shook things up.

Yomu Profile

While it was confirmed that they played a role in the creation of the church, it’s not confirmed that they currently have a connection with its modern form.

And with Haijima, we just don’t know. Do you think there is a connection there?

Lynn Profile

Allow me to put my foil hat on for a second… I think it’s all connected somehow. The question is how and why. What does the Evangelist gain by having the Church and Haijima controlling the Tokyo region, and why are the Ashen Knights trying to destroy everything. It seems like the Evangelist may be playing on all sides. However, we’re still yet to get a real motive for what the Evangelist is trying to achieve or even what the Evangelist is. I’m going with an extradimensional alien that somehow gets its sustenance from ash and/or suffering.

Yomu Profile

Perhaps the Evangelist consumes humans for energy or something like this, via human combustion, and when it’s had enough it will evolve or something? Could explain why the Knights are acting up now, because Tokyo has reached the right size.

Either way, it’s a good theory. The Evangelist doesn’t seem like a good thing, and clearly it has built up society the way it is for a reason.

One thing I will say is that I’m still quite curious about Amaterasu, specifically the girl trapped within. I hope we see another interaction between her and Shinra, now that he knows what he knows.

Lynn Profile

For sure. A dialogue between them now would be fascinating. As always we’re left with lots of questions. Hope we get some answers, but not from bizarre scenes slotted in purely for that purpose.

Yomu Profile

Yeah, let’s hope for some more hard-fought or surprising answers, instead of an exposition dump in the future. Regardless, as always, there are many exciting possibilities in the future.

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