Fire Force (Episode 28) – Groping Through the Fire

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Charon and Shinra continue to fight over Inca, the fifth pillar, but she doesn’t seem to want to be saved by either of them. Meanwhile, Haumea has set the city ablaze as a torrent of Infernals rise up from the ashes.

Fire Force (Episode 28) – Groping Through the Fire

What happened?

Charon is insanely powerful and Shinra’s rapid technique is not doing anything to him. Luckily for Shinra, help arrives from the other Fire Force Companies. However, Inca takes the chance to flee when they are too busy fighting. She says she doesn’t want to go with either of them. Charon sends the White Clads after her as he continues to pound on Shinra. What can Shinra do to overcome this explosive mountain of a man?

Things aren’t going any easier for the rest of the Eighth as Infernals stagger towards them from every direction. It’s hard enough to stop them, but they need Iris to give them their blessings before putting them down for good. She’s running on empty, but thankfully more Sisters arrive and then more Fire Soldiers to offer some support. There is, however, an Infernal Demon to deal with and that’s not going to be easy. Meanwhile, Maki located Haumea and sent Arthur to deal with her.

Fire Force Episode 28 Inca

What did you think?

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So, it looks like Inca is properly crazy! Yomu, we wondered if she was going to be good or evil, but it looks like she wants to remain neutral. Can’t see that working out for her. I felt like the Infernals were a bit of a joke in this episode, unfortunately. Especially that Demon Infernal who just stood there for the entire episode. I think we should have lots to discuss in this one. Where would you like to start?

Yomu Profile

I guess we can start with what appears to be a weakness of the Fire Force: “Latom”. I never really thought about it last season, but I guess they truly do need a sister on hand for every single infernal they dispatch. This episode pointed out how inconvenient it can be. And I can’t help but wonder if it’s even necessary? Does it truly save the souls of those consumed by fire, or is it just a needless practice?

Lynn Profile

Absolutely, Haumea even made the point of berating their need to bless the Infernals as they are killed. I think that could make for some interesting conflict if someone decided that it wasn’t necessary and just started killing Infernals without waiting. My guess is that it’s a needless practice brought about by the Church, but then we know that there is this other realm full of flames so it’s entirely possible that it does have some sort of significance. As if we didn’t have enough questions to keep track of already!

So, I guess we should talk about Tamaki at some point, especially as she’s also an ordained Sister as well as a Fire Soldier. I’ll admit her Lucky Letcher skill comes about at the most bizarre times. There was one image that I grabbed for this post that looked awesome, but I find it annoying when it gets in the way of her ability to do things. I feel like it would be better if she just ignored it and the people around her were the ones embarrassed. What did you think about Tamaki?

Yomu Profile

I’d agree with that. At the very least, she should be able to overcome her embarrassment in times of urgency. If they’re committed to blessing the infernals they takedown, she simply didn’t have time to worry about her clothing situation. Definitely some nice imagery from her this episode though!

So it seems we’ve got several battles on the cards, with the continuation of Shinra vs. Charon, as well as Arthur vs. Haumea, although Haumea doesn’t seem to want to fight. The wild card is Inca, who as you mention, is nuts. What do you predict happening next episode in these areas?

Lynn Profile

I think the Fire Force is going to lose this one. The White Clads will escape with Inca, although I do think we may see someone else intervene in the fights – Joker possibly. It should be fun whatever happens. How do you see things shaping up?

Yomu Profile

I agree that things won’t go the Fire Force’s way this time, but I think it’ll maybe be a split of sorts. I could see Arthur winning against Haumea in some way, or maybe even capturing her. But I agree that Inca is likely going with the White Clads. Either we’ll get a mixed bag, or a defeat.

And it’d be great if Joker made an appearance. Maybe he is the best fit for Inca? We’ll have to see how things go.

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