That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Episodes 13-16) – Jura Tempest Federation!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Title 1

Rimuru is on a crash course with the Orc Lord as he attempts to save the Forest of Jura at the request of the Dryads. To do so, he enters into an alliance with the Lizardmen, but things take an unexpected turn!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Episodes 13-16)

Episode 13 – The Great Clash

Gabiru leads the Lizardmen on an offensive against the Orc army and quickly learns that it was a mistake. They end up surrounded and seemingly without hope. Gabiru challenges a massive Orc that he believes is the Orc Lord, however, it’s just a general. Even so, he is completely outclassed. Just as the end appears nigh, Gobta arrives to save Gabiru. Soon after the Kijin attack and then Ranga shows what he’s made of. Soei rescues the Lizardman Chieftain and delivers a warning to the Majin pulling the strings!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 13 Gabiru versus Orc General

Episode 14 – The One Who Devours All

Rimuru has located the Orc Lord but before he can intervene a flash of light shoots past him and crashes into the ground. It was Gelmud, the Majin behind everything, although he confirms that he is also working for another. He attempts to get the Orc Lord to eat Gabiru and become the Demon Lord, Orc Disaster. However, Rimuru stops his attacks and so the Orc Lord turns his hunger on Gelmud. The Orc Disaster attacks, forcing Rimuru to fight back and eventually work out how to win. It’s going to be a race. Whoever can eat the other first wins!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 14 Rimuru versus Orc Lord

Episode 15 – The Jura Forest Alliance

The war has ended and now there is the tiny decision of how to move forward. With almost one-hundred and fifty thousand Orcs surviving, it’s time for justice and retribution. However, Rimuru reveals his promise to Geld as he consumed him. He even convinced the Lizardmen that there should be no punishment. Instead, they would build an alliance where they would all benefit. The Orcs would work under Rimuru and benefit from the alliance too. But things are never that easy. Gazel Dwargo has noticed the events and visits with Rimuru so that he can work out what kind of a person he is!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 15 Treyni oversees Gazel Dwargo versus Rimuru

Episode 16 – Demon Lord Milim Attacks

After Rimuru defeated the Orc Lord, he became known to the Demon Lord. Milim is quick to offer to investigate and flies off to Rimuru. She introduces herself and acts friendly, to begin with, but then Shion and Ranga try to rescue Rimuru. Soon Benimaru and Soei back them up, but none of them is even close to Milim’s level. In fact, Rimuru himself is considerably weaker. However, Rimuru has a little more smarts and ends up bringing Milim to his side. She even decides to live there and declares Rimuru her bestie!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 16 Milim and Rimuru

Jura Tempest Federation!

For the most part, I’m going to talk about the Jura Tempest Federation and how I am enjoying the way that Rimuru has put it together. To some extent, it was probably an accident, however, it was most definitely down to the actions of Rimuru Tempest. His strength is obviously a massive bonus, but it’s the way he treats people, even his foes, that set him up for success.

Even after his first meeting with Gabiru, he shielded him from Gelmud’s attack when he had no reason to. We saw it again when he was fighting Geld, the Orc Lord. After Geld became the Demon Lord, Orc Disaster, it came down to who could eat who first and all money was on Rimuru. However, it wasn’t just about defeating his enemy. Rimuru saw the events that lead to Geld’s ascension and the things his people went through.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 13 Soei rescues the Lizardmen Chieftain

Rimuru promised Geld that he would devour his sins and those of his people. Obviously, you can’t devour a sin. It’s not a tangible thing, but what Rimuru was saying there was that he would not hold their actions against them. He saw the truth and was prepared to take a much harder path. One that could cause problems further along. However, the great thing about the way Rimuru rules is that it inspires others and gives them cause to behave the same way.

We saw that with Benimaru when the new leader of the Orcs offered to sacrifice himself to make amends for what happened to the Ogre village. Benimaru, who only a little while back would have jumped at the chance, was calm and considered. He explained that if the Orcs were serving Rimuru then there was no issue between them. Rimuru saw this and thought that he could learn from Benimaru, but it was most definitely the other way around.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 14 Shion and Rimuru

That’s one of the things that makes Rimuru such an easy character to follow. He’s not conceited in his ability to lead. I don’t think he ever decided that he would lead, but slowly has fallen into the position. That was why the Dryads sought him out and appointed him Chancellor. That’s why Gazel Dwargo kept a close eye on him and had to see for himself what kind of a person Rimuru was. Basically, he’s not Gabiru.

Now, if we’re talking about Gabiru, the decision to ban him from his homeland was clearly a show of leniency that was no doubt inspired by Rimuru’s treatment of the Orcs. It’s easy to be angry and seek vengeance, but when we see others doing good and making fair choices, it makes us want to do the same. This is why Rimuru is a great leader.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 15 Chancellor Rimuru

So, back to the Jura Tempest Federation and less about Rimuru. Receiving a treaty offer from a nation like the Dwarves gives them credibility and certainly made more sit up and take note. Of course, the Demon Lords are the first to act with Milim inserting herself into the picture and instantly falling in love with what Rimuru has done there. That will in itself cause even more issues.

All of these things build towards the second season and make it that much more satisfying. I will have some more things to discuss once I get there for sure about the way in which the season was structured and how it didn’t necessarily hit the right highs and lows at the right moments when viewed as a season, but we’re not there yet. I’ve still got another two posts before I’m ready to discuss the season overall. Get ready for more slime!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 16 Shuna and Shion in the bath

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