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With the kids about to unleash all of their powers, Todoroki, Bakugo, Inasa, and Camie will have to do something special if they are to win their hearts because beating them in a fight will probably give the wrong message.

What happened?

The kids’ attacks were pretty ineffective, but even more so because Todoroki froze them into an elaborate construct resembling a slide. Camie used her quirk to turn the surroundings into a wondrous mystical setting. Then, Inasa lifted the kids to the top of the slide and dropped them onto it one at a time. Even Bakugo was able to offer some sound advice to the leader of the kids which seem to put him at ease too. They did it and were awarded their provisional hero licenses. Endeavor met with Todoroki after the event to tell him how proud he was of him and how he was going to try to be a hero that his son could be proud of. Todoroki wasn’t the least bit interested, but Inasa bizarrely stepped up and offered Endeavor his support.

Meanwhile, Midoriya keeps finding himself in some unusual situations with Aoyama and it involves cheese far too much. Aoyama claims to understand something about Midoriya but remains coy. Finally, Midoriya gets Aoyama alone and asks him about it. Turns out, he has realised that Midoriya’s body isn’t compatible with his quirk much like his own.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 80 Endeavor and All Might

What was your favourite element?

I never thought I’d say this but I felt kind of sorry for Endeavor. Everything he did to Todoroki and his mother can’t be forgotten, but he genuinely seems to be determined to do good. Even just taking the time to sit with All Might and ask him questions shows that he’s consciously trying to change. It’s going to take some time for Todoroki to warm to him if he ever does and that’s completely understandable. It was interesting to see Inasa step up and show that he’d seen a change in Endeavor, especially as it was his hatred of Endeavor that drove him to become who he was today. I do like it when you see more than the one side of a character.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 80 Todoroki and Endeavor

What have you learnt?

Aoyama is weird! That bombshell aside, I think I’m going to focus on Endeavor again. We’ve seen a different side of him lately and it makes for some interesting viewing. For so long, he sat behind All Might as the number two hero and it obviously got to him. Every time we’ve seen him prior to now, he’s come off as almost looking like a villain. It wasn’t just how he looked either, his actions and the way he spoke pretty much confirmed it. So, seeing him having this change of heart as he realises that maybe he was never good enough to be the number one hero like All Might is interesting. He could have gone either way and I think from our earlier experiences this seems like the less likely one.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 80 Aoyama

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  1. I’m of two minds on the shift we’re seeing with Endeavor. On the one hand, it’s good to see him undergoing character growth and putting in the effort to be a better hero/person. On the other hand the show seems to be pushing us to sympathize with him when, thus far, he hasn’t really acknowledged or apologized for the harm he caused Todoroki and his mother. He also still seems to be very focussed on his own strength. I think I’m with Todoroki on this one, I haven’t seen enough to feel like he’s really changed. Hopefully this is just the beginning of his character journey however, and he’ll continue to grow from here.

    • For sure, he’s not done enough to earn it yet, but I am seeing some small actions that show that he realises he’s made mistakes and wants to make up for it. Unfortunately, I also think he’s quite stubborn and very old fashioned in his approach which makes it hard for him to make clear statements.

      He may never say he’s sorry because the tough guy persona is so ingrained into his character, but I think he does mean to. I also think Inasa saw it and that caused him to offer his support of the guy he’s hated since a child.

      It’s obviously going to be harder for Todoroki because of the things that happened to him and his mother directly. Endeavor has become a far more interesting character as a result though, so I’m going to be interested to see where this goes.

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