My Hero Academia (Episode 78) – Smoldering Flames

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After the successful mission to save Eri, Midoriya and the other students return to school and must now face some serious self-reflection on what it means to be a hero, especially after everything they’ve been through.

What happened?

News of the League of Villains attack on Overhaul had reached the news outlets. Midoriya was particularly concerned at the revelations, but the news of Mirio and his quirk hit him harder. He hurried to his room at the hospital to see him before heading back to UA. Mirio was in remarkably high spirits considering he’d lost his quirk and his mentor, Night Eye. But rather than let the past dictate his mood, he is living how Night Eye would have wanted with a smile on his face and a positive outlook on life. Meanwhile, Gran Torino and the police have tracked Karigiri from the League of Villains. However, once they finally apprehend him, a much bigger threat emerges. All for One had another protege and he’s a big deal!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 78 Gran Torino captured Karigiri

What was your favourite element?

It’s great that the students who have returned to UA aren’t just falling back into their old roles. Everything they’ve been through would be a serious test for most professional heroes, let alone some first-year students. Of course, we now get to see Todoroki and Bakugo retake their provisional hero licenses having failed in the last round. All Might and Present Mike are escorting them and once there, they bump into Endeavor who has since taken over the number one hero role and he would like to have a little chat with All Might!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 78 Endeavor

What have you learnt?

I love that we’re seeing the students going through different reactions to the situation. Mirio is amazingly upbeat, but then, of course he is. Midoriya, however, is putting more pressure on himself and taking the blame for everything that happened to anyone. Seriously, he really needs to lighten up a bit. Anyhow, it’s always good to remember that your heroes go through a lot and it’s not really believable for everyone to just be fine with whatever happens. In one of my novellas, I have the hero struggling to come to terms with killing a person. It’s yet another way of making your characters more relatable. It’s also a good idea to vary how different characters respond to different situations. Everyone has their own limits and breaking points.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 78 Mirio and Midoriya

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