My Hero Academia (Episode 79) – Win Those Kids’ Hearts

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Bakugo and Todoroki begin their Hero License exam and all they have to do is win the hearts of a group of rambunctious middle school students who have lost their faith in adults, believing that they’re stronger.

What happened?

Gang Orca was there to address the participants of the Hero License retrial and quickly put Bakugo, Todoroki, and Inasa in their place after they all failed so miserably in the first attempt. For some reason, Camie finds herself with them even though she never really made it to the first one. They quickly readied themselves for the exam, determined to do better this time, but nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to face. A group of screaming middle-school students rushed into the arena and began to openly mock and belittle the trainee heroes as their teacher struggled to maintain any sort of order. If that wasn’t odd enough, Present Mike jumped in to offer some commentary!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 79 Todoroki and Gang Orca

What was your favourite element?

While all of this was going on, All Might and Endeavor sat in the stands watching. Endeavor noted that crime was on the increase since All Might retired and even as the number one hero, he had dealt with even more criminals than before, but it still wasn’t enough. He wanted to know about the symbol of peace and what he could do better. It was oddly frank and open from Endeavor who has been fairly gruff and standoffish until now. He was clearly aware that he didn’t have the same gravitas as All Might and wanted to do better. Of course, All Might explained that the symbol of peace was something he had created and Endeavor was better to do something that reflected his own style. It was surprising to see them talk so openly and as a result, I really enjoyed their discussion.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 79 Endeavor and All Might

What have you learnt?

Other than the All Might and Endeavor moments, this episode was awful. Sorry, but it really was. The exam seemed so contrived and their attempts to connect with the children were flat and boring. It really failed to live up to the arc that has just finished, even with the interrupting flashbacks. Of course, Bakugo wants to fight the children. That doesn’t seem to be that surprising. To see the others go along with him, although Camie just seems to be there and doing whatever, was odd. I’m hoping the next episode improves, but who knows. This season really hasn’t been to the same standard as the previous ones. I’d say its biggest issues have been with pacing and this episode was possibly the slowest one yet.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 79 Inasa Todoroki Camie and Bakugo

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