In/Spectre (Episode 5) – A Monster of the Imagination

InSpectre Title

Kotoko has found Steel Lady Nanase again and this time she’s fighting Kurou and it’s not looking good for him. Then, Saki shows up and is surprised to see Kurou’s head smashed beneath the steel beam!

What happened?

Kurou and Steel Lady Nanase fought in the streets as Kotoko watched from a safe distance. Then Saki arrived and started to tell Kotoko off for not waiting at the meeting point, but her rant is cut short once she realised that Kurou was the one fighting Steel Lady Nanase. Nanase knocked Kurou back and then staggered towards him, swinging her steel beam down on his head and turning it to mush. Saki is shocked, but Kotoko calmed asked if she had seen Kurou die before… As Nanase walked away, Kurou’s head recovered its form and he jumped to his feet. He walked towards Nanase, dodging her attack and then snapping her neck. Of course, that’s not enough to stop a ghost. Nanase disappears leaving Saki and Kotoko to approach Kurou.

InSpectre Episode 5 Saki Yumihara and Kotoko Watching Kurou Die

What was your favourite element?

As always with this series, the dialogue is top-notch and time seems to fly by. The episode almost seems too short as you get involved in what’s being discussed. Ironically, the fight between Nanase and Kurou was a bit of an anticlimax and felt clumsy and awkward, but then that’s not why we’re here. Seeing Kurou’s past was interesting and realising that he has died numerous times and as a result can see glimpses of the future. This is all thanks to him eating two different Yokai as a child and you can blame his grandmother for doing that too him.

InSpectre Episode 5 Steel Lady Nanase Attacking Kurou

What have you learnt?

I get the feeling we’re never actually going to reach any definitive conclusions in this series and all the answers will be vague and a bit wishy-washy. The idea that Steel Lady Nanase was created by gossip or the internet seems a little too far fetched for me. Surely, if that was the case there would be so many more similar things from every weird and wonderful website/gossip page out there. My gut is that Nanase is either not dead and responsible for the website or her representative is behind it and is using it to prolong her fame if she is dead. Like I said, though I feel like we may never find out and that’s a little annoying, even with as much as I’m enjoying the series.

InSpectre Episode 5 Kurou Kotoko and Saki

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