In/Spectre (Episode 12) – She Who Defends Order

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Kurou managed to deliver the final blow to Steel Lady Nanase as the message boards turned on themselves. Enough people didn’t believe in the ghost anymore and ironically, caused it to stop existing.

What happened?

With Steel Lady Nanase defeated, the yokai were quick to surround Kotoko and celebrate her victory. She managed to enjoy the moment, but then Kurou took her away as Saki was getting too freaked out. The following day everything returned to normal and the ideas behind Steel Lady Nanase quickly dismissed as internet rumours and gossip. The police did intend to re-examine the death of Nanase Karin, but Saki believed that would go nowhere. Kurou met with Saki to update her on the situation. They went for dinner and discussed the future and what Rikka would do next. Kurou returned to the hotel to find that Kotoko had woken up after twenty-eight hours and she was worried that he’d been with Saki.

InSpectre Episode 12 The Yokai celebrating Kotoko's victory

What was your favourite element?

I’m not really sure with this episode. It pretty much wrapped up the Steel Lady Nanase arc (finally) and then it felt like it was going through the motions. I think that the way this arc was drawn out has definitely changed my overall perception of the show and as a result, I’m even starting to get bored with Kotoko and Kurou. Saki remains the only interesting character for me and I’m not sure if I would watch a second season if there is one.

InSpectre Episode 12 Saki

What have you learnt?

I feel like I’m just going to be repeating myself, but the pacing of the final half of the season was awful. Everything was drawn out and while it had entertaining parts, it failed to live up to the opening couple of episodes which really highlighted the intrigue and excellent dialogue. It probably doesn’t help that I didn’t really enjoy Kurou and Kotoko. Again some of their moments were funny, but overall I found Kurou to be boring and Kotoko to be annoying. That’s fine, not every character is going to gel with everyone. I enjoyed this series, but it ended up pretty average which is a shame because it started so well.

InSpectre Episode 12 Kurou and Kotoko

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