In/Spectre (Episode 8) – She Who Spins Fiction

InSpectre Title

With the revelation that Rikka is alive and probably behind Steel Lady Nanase, Kurou goes into battle against Nanase while Kotoko attempts to flood the site with stories that will cast doubt on her existence.

What happened?

Saki and Kurou went to get some food while Kotoko had a nap to prepare for the attack. For whatever reason, Kurou brought up Rikka, Kurou’s cousin that had been in the hospital. She recalled her meeting with Rikka and how she felt like Kurou still loved her. She also revealed how she heard that Rikka had died. Kurou told her that it wasn’t true and the Rikka has eaten Yokai too and cannot die. Kotoko wakes from her nap to find things are awkward between Kurou and Saki and starts to imagine the worst. However, he fears are put to rest when she tells Kotoko about how Rikka was living with her for a while before disappearing. Then, a Yokai appeared and told them about Steel Lady Nanase’s location. They rushed there as fast as they could where Kurou went out to face her, while Kotoko prepared to spin her fiction.

InSpectre Episode 8 Saki

What was your favourite element?

I was relieved to see some action finally get underway, even if it was the last couple of seconds before the ED started to play. For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue in this series, but we’ve now been talking about Steel Lady Nanase for five and a half episodes. There is a lot of interesting information, but it’s feeling a little bloated now. Given Nanase’s appearance in the title image it was fair to assume that she would be the focus of the series, but it would have benefited from another case for them to investigate and keep things fresh. Even with the dialogue as interesting as it is, there’s only so much sitting around talking I can take.

InSpectre Episode 8 Rikka versus Kotoko

What have you learnt?

At the moment, this conversation is starting to feel like a shounen battle, especially as it has spanned numerous episodes. I feel like this is a warning for all to hear. It’s not just battles. If you do the same thing for too long without offering some sort of conclusions or fresh perspective it can get old and frustrating. It’s obviously been done well as it’s taken me eight episodes to get to this point, but I’d also rather not get to this point and it could have easily been rectified by having them do something. Anything. Anything other than sitting around talking. I am enjoying this series, there’s no doubt about that. Like anything, it’s always interesting to look at the things that could be improved upon.

InSpectre Episode 8 Kotoko

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