In/Spectre (Episode 1) – One Eye, One Leg

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Kotoko has had her eye on Kurou for a while now, but he’s had a girlfriend. It’s now come to her attention that he is single, so she decides to make her move despite the warnings of the yokai…

What happened?

With Kurou sitting alone outside the hospital, Kotoko makes her move. She sits next to him and says hello, but is surprised that he doesn’t remember her. He tells her that he has a hard time remembering faces because of his girlfriend. Kotoko reminds him of the time she ‘saved’ his life and he promised never to forget her. She then tells him about how the nurses have been giving her regular updates on his love life. Surprisingly, Kurou then reveals that his girlfriend has indeed left him and that is was because they saw a kappa in the river and the coward ran away. Kotoko tells him of her mysterious past and why she has only one eye and one leg.

InSpectre Episode 1 Kotoko and Kurou

What was your favourite element?

So this series is mysterious with a capital M and I’m loving it. The thing that really stood out for me in the first episode was the use of unreliable narration. Several times we heard the various characters tell a story and each time we are left to question the reality of what we’ve heard. By not seeing it happen and only having the accounts of the person telling the story, it adds to the mystery. What happened to Kotoko is horrendous, but then is it as she says? I was watching it worrying that we were going down the Pan’s Labyrinth path where it may or may not be a coping mechanism for the tragic events that happened to her. Again, we don’t know at this stage, but that’s what’s making it that much more interesting. Also, In/Spectre = Inspector. Just saying in case anyone didn’t make the connection.

InSpectre Episode 1 Kurou

What have you learnt?

I’m a big fan of showing and not telling when I write, but this episode has definitely made a case for including some telling, especially when you want to warp the readers’ views or show them something that you can then contradict later. If used like this ‘telling’ becomes an incredibly powerful tool to add to your writing. I would argue that it can be overused but then look at The Usual Suspects where the entire film was from the point of view of an unreliable narrator and it was excellent. I think this is going to be a very interesting series to cover and I hope for more mystery and intrigue.

InSpectre Episode 1 Kotoko

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  1. Let’s hope for the best! I hope it doesn’t disappoint later on

    • Definitely, I think it’s going to be interesting, especially with these two characters, let alone the yokai.

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