In/Spectre (Episode 7) – Preparing to Conquer the Steel Lady

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The death of the detective at the hands of Steel Lady Nanase is not what Kotoko was hoping for when she prepared to create a new story that would weaken Nanase. If anything she’s now even more dangerous!

What happened?

Saki learnt of her superior’s murder and was routinely questioned, especially as he had been in contact with her recently. Of course, the police force have no leads and the lack of a struggle makes the case that much more bizarre. All of this has made Kotoko’s task that much harder. Saki and Kurou meet with Kotoko in her hotel room and make their plans. Amazingly, Kotoko things she has something that will work, but she needs some sleep so Kurou and Saki head out for some food. If Nanase shows up, Kurou will need to find her and keep her busy until Kotoko has completed her task.

InSpectre Episode 7 Saki

What was your favourite element?

This was another dialogue heavy episode which is definitely one of this series’ strengths. The thing that really stood out to me was Kotoko working on her bed with her prosthetic leg detached an her false eye removed. It was an odd sight at first, but I found it surprisingly realistic. I can’t comment from first hand experience, but I’m sure any sort of prosthetic will become awkward and of course once the user is in their home, they’ll likely remove them. It was also interesting that Kotoko was quite comfortable for Kurou to see her in this state, but once Saki arrived, Kurou waited until Kotoko was ready before letting her in. They are small details, but they say a lot about their relationship and anything that adds realism is always welcome.

InSpectre Episode 7 Kotoko Researching

What have you learnt?

It all comes back to Kurou’s cousin that he was visiting in the hospital when he first met Kotoko. Now, I’m pretty sure, Rikka is the girl from Kurou’s flashbacks who played with him. As one of the other survivors from his family’s crazy experiments with Yokai, I can’t help but wonder if she has some powers of her own. It’s also interesting that Kurou and Kotoko both seem to assume she’s involved. I like when little things like this have been seeded throughout the series. Each mention or appearance has been fairly insignificant and hasn’t made it obvious that it will become important, but once you become aware of it, it all clicks together. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

InSpectre Episode 7 Rikka

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