In/Spectre (Episode 4) – Idol Dies by Steel Beam

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Saki takes Kotoko back to her apartment and patches her up as they discuss Kurou. Somethings don’t add up and not just about Steel Lady Nanase. Finally, they part ways, but they may have to work together on this one!

What happened?

Kotoko did her best to convince Saki that she was dating Kurou, but no matter how hard she tried, Saki wasn’t having any of it. Then, Kotoko showed her some photos which ironically didn’t help her cause. One thing led to another and Saki showed Kotoko the door. With that unpleasant incident out of the way, they both resumed their research into the death that resulted in the creation of Steel Lady Nanase. They discovered that Nanase had been scouted to be an idol by the owner of a company who then gave her every chance to succeed. She was doing well… but then the death of her father and suspicions of her involvement forced her to take some time off. That was when she was crushed by steel beams.

InSpectre Episode 4 Saki Yumihara and Kotoko

What was your favourite element?

I actually really enjoyed this episode from top to bottom. The discussion between Saki and Kotoko were great, especially as neither seemed to like the other and both went out of their ways to be disagreeable. That said, we did then get to see more of Nanase and how she became an idol and that was a lot of fun, not to mention the opening of her magical girl series.

It’s interesting that Steel Lady Nanase has the outfit from the magical girl series and also that her face is hidden. My gut is telling me that Nanase is still alive and that it was her sister that died in her place. Possibly murdered by Nanase as she challenged her about their father. Either way, I doubt it’s going to be a clear cut as it seems.

InSpectre Episode 4 Nanase the Idol

What have you learnt?

Conflict is at the heart of all good stories, but often times it’s the less obvious conflict that is more interesting. In this series, solving the mysteries and defeating the yokai that have lost control is the main conflict. There have been moments between Kotoko and Kurou that made their dynamic interesting, but with the introduction of Saki as a central character has created this tension as Kotoko tries to prove why she is better for Kurou. The best part is that I don’t think Saki would want him back, but still feels compelled to push back against Kotoko. I think them not getting along is going to end up being my favourite thing in the series.

InSpectre Episode 4 Saki Yumihara and Tree Spirit

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