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Hondomachi successfully arrested the Gravedigger having killed her accomplice and partner, Haruka, but at what cost? Sakaido enters the Gravedigger’s ID Well and solves the mystery although that raises even more questions!

What happened?

Hondomachi threatens to shoot Nahoshi Inami in an attempt to flush out Haruka, but he has a set of knives and throws one at her. Matsuoka blocks the attack with his shoulder and attempts to fire back, but hits nothing. Haruka rushes in to attack Hondomachi at close range and is fortunate as a bullet passes through the hole in his head left by the Perforator. Hondomachi grabs a knife and drives it into Haruka’s chest causing Nahoshi to want to kill her. The Wakumusubi detects her intent to kill and creates an ID Well. Sakaido is thrown into it as they attempt to locate all of the Gravedigger’s victims.

In the Gravedigger’s ID Well, Sakaido finds Kaeru on a moving train and follows a bloody trail of footprints that reveal the train is one big loop. Everyone on the train is dead with the exception of a young Nahoshi and Haruka. The analysis reveals that the train is the one that killed Nahoshi’s mother and it is on a loop, which means it is continuously running over her fall all eternity.

ID Invaded Episode 6 Sakaido in Nahoshi Inami's ID Well

What was your favourite element?

So the train loop was insane and I can’t help but get completely sucked in with the ID Wells. They are fascinating, dark, disturbing, and oddly entrancing all at once. They really are the driving force for this series. That said, my favourite thing about this episode was watching Hondomachi slide onto the path of becoming a serial killer. Matsuoka could see it happening, no doubt just as he saw it happen to Narihisago. Their discussion at the end of the episode was amazing, especially with the plane flying in the background where the jet trail seemed to pass through Hondomachi’s head. I can’t wait for Hondomachi to enter Narihisago’s ID Well. I feel like that is where this series is going, especially as they hunt for John Walker.

ID Invaded Episode 6 Matsuoka leaving Hondomachi

What have you learnt?

I loved the way they managed to make Nahoshi seem like a victim too, which seems to be a continuing theme with some of these serial killers. Seeing her ID Well and realising that on some level she is continuously reliving the moment her mother died over and over again. That alone shouldn’t be enough to make someone a murderer, but the appearance of John Walker shows that she has been under his influence for some time. Then when we discover that her house had been bugged and the equipment was the same as the stuff they found with the Challenger, the murderer of Narihisago’s family. It’s all coming together as this puzzle slowly starts to make sense.

ID Invaded Episode 6 Hondomachi stabbing Haruka

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