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Hondomachi had an odd encounter with the missing victim of the drill murderer. He lured her away from the scene of the copycat Gravedigger’s arrest and then kissed her, before running off. What is the connection?

What happened?

A little flustered from having her first kiss stolen, Hondomachi started to think through the scenario. Amazingly, it started to come together for her. Haruka, the missing victim, also had a hole in his head and Hondomachi surmised that his intentions were backwards and that was the reason they hadn’t been able to find any cognition particles. They went back to the scene of the kiss and found some, creating an ID Well. Sakaido was thrust into the new well and the analysts began collecting data. The sudden appearance on John Walker catches everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Hondomachi met with one of Haruka’s former friends and questions her about her relationship with Haruka. Slowly at first, Hondomachi pieces together the truth and finally draws her gun, claiming that Nahoshi Inami is a sadist and has been convincing Haruka to kill people for her as the Gravedigger.

ID Invaded Episode 5 Sakaido in the Gravedigger's ID Well

What was your favourite element?

Once more, the ID Well was fascinating and yet another bizarre world for Sakaido to explore. We didn’t get to see too much of it, however, as Hondomachi stole the show with her deductions and police work. I feel like I need to watch her questioning Nahoshi Inami again as there was a lot of small clues in what was said and what wasn’t. Blink and you’ll miss it. On top of that, the appearance of John Walker once more was excellent and raises more questions about the serial killers and his involvement in their actions. Hopefully, we’ll see the conclusion to the Gravedigger arc in the next episode and maybe find out a little more about the illusive John Walker.

ID Invaded Episode 5 Sakaido attacks John Walker

What have you learnt?

It kind of goes without saying that detective stories will be a great source for picking up ways to leaves clues. Not only do the characters have to be able to spot them and use them to further their understanding, but it has to work for the readers/viewers too. If it can’t be worked out by someone outside of the story then it won’t work and will leave them feeling confused and annoyed. If they work it out with the characters, however, it will leave them feeling positive and like they’ve accomplished something too. Getting the reader/viewer involved like this is a sure-fire way to keep their attention.

ID Invaded Episode 5 Hondomachi arresting Nahoshi Inami

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