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ID Invaded Title

The brilliant detective Sakaido is on the hunt for another serial killer, but in this ID Well he doesn’t have long to live. Luckily, they can keep putting him back in. There has to be a clue that will lead to the killer!

What happened?

The ID Well for a new serial killer has been created. This one sets bombs and kills on mass. There’s no time to waste, so Sakaido is thrust into the killer’s intent to kill and finds himself on a tower surrounded by waterfalls as a sniper picks off the people trapped there. It isn’t long before Sakaido is shot and killed, but the team just extract him and put him back in. He will find a clue to the killer identity eventually, even if he has to die a hundred times. Finally, after a lot of death, they find something that will lead to his location.

ID Invaded Episode 3 Sakaido in the Bomber's ID Well

What was your favourite element?

It felt like Narihisago (he becomes Sakaido in the ID Well) is somehow able to enter his own subconscious. Maybe it’s an after effect of the trauma from the various ID Wells he’s entered, but he was able to see his family before they were brutally murdered. Finding out how his family was killed was horrendous and no doubt that would break anyone. I can’t wait to find out exactly what Narihisago did though to end up in the prison. My absolute favourite moment, however, was when he basically convinced the bomber to kill himself. I’ve already likened Narihisago to Hannibal Lector and this was yet another perfect example. He is cold and brilliant.

ID Invaded Episode 3 Narihisago's Family

What have you learnt?

I think the real star of this series is the ID Well. The potential for variety in these dark and twisted imagined worlds is unlimited and I can’t wait to see where they go. Ultimately, we need to see Narihisago’s ID Well, which is where I think we’ll end up as the series goes on. There’s a big twist coming, there has to be and trying to figure it out it half the fun. So, what am I taking away from this episode? Well, I like the idea of creating something that opens up the possibilities and allows the story to go anywhere. It’s a tough one to do because there still needs to be a story or a character that grounds it. This one is more of a speculative lesson, but it’s definitely something to think about.

ID Invaded Episode 3 Narihisago

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