ID: Invaded (Episode 10) – Inside-outed II

ID Invaded Title

It’s been two years since Narihisago woke up with his family still alive. Since then, he’s been slowly killing all of the serial killers plaguing Kiki’s dreams. Now, he just needs to find John Walker and finish it all off.

What happened?

Narihisago visits Kiki with Momoki and they bump into Nishio Shirakoma, the creator of the Mizuhanome System. Momoki goes to talk with Nishio. While they’re gone, Kiki tells Narihisago that she believes that she is dying and when she does, she will fuse with the world and disrupt everything. She then begs Narihisago to kill her. Instead, he leaves determined to capture John Walker and make him pay. While investigating he remembers the Perforator and goes to take care of him, but bumps into Hondomachi. Their meeting seems to upset the state of the ID Well and it starts to crumble, although Narihisago is determined to believe that it’s not a well. Eventually, he accepts it and speaks to his family one last time as we see the tragic events of their real past. Then, Narihisago starts to be extracted. He throws Hondomachi his note book and tells her to continue the investigation.

Back in Momoki’s well, Sakaido realises that Anaido had tampered with the evidence and let him go on a wild goose chase. Anaido reveals that he can remember everything from outside of the well. Maybe it was a side effect of the hole in his head. He then tells Sakaido who he is and reveals that they are actually inside Narihisago’s ID Well. A storm whips up revealing the numbered tiles on the ground. Sakaido struggles to come to terms with what is happening as an image of John Walker appears in the sand storm!

ID Invaded Episode 10 Hondomachi Finds Narihisago

What was your favourite element?

I really enjoyed the last episode and this just continued that. The idea of time being relative and not consistent within an ID Well is awesome and I completely buy into that idea. It strikes me that Kiki is clearly the force behind the Mizuhanome System and is lying somewhere, probably in a coma, as her abilities are utilized to pull together the killer’s ID Well. That’s why she’s always in them and why she’s always dead. It’s utterly brutal! This leads me to believe that Nishio Shirakoma is John Walker or knew who he was. Finally, when Hondomachi appeared in the ID Well, my first thought was that with it all being controlled by Kiki it would make sense that they could get to the same place from different wells, but then to discover that they were both Narihisago’s it all fell together nicely. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

ID Invaded Episode 10 The ID Well starts to collapse as Narihisago says farewell to his family

What have you learnt?

This episode was all about the payoff and it worked. We’d spent several episodes being made aware of Narihisago and what happened to his family, so when he got to see them again we could feel his joy and the relief. Then, when it became clear that it wasn’t real, we saw it break him and it broke me too. Seeing him relive those images was heartbreaking. I know that if it was me in a similar situation, I would absolutely murder the person responsible. We’ve seen him at his darkest, but I still sympathize with the guy. His life has been torn apart by John Walker and he’s still doing it. I can’t help but wonder if the Perforator was intentionally a part of the plan to begin with. If John Walker knew about the Mizuhanome System, he may have known how to get around it’s processes. This is starting to look like a diligently thought out plan.

ID Invaded Episode 10 Sakaido Realisation

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