ID: Invaded (Episode 2) – Jigsawed 2

ID Invaded Title

With one of the field agents captured by the murderer, Sakaido must hurry to piece together the jumbled reality. But the sudden appearance of a strange blurry figure threatens to derail the investigation.

What happened?

Sakaido continued to explore the ID Well of a serial killer, having forced him to reveal himself. When the blurry figure of Jack Walker appears it changes everything. The killer runs and hides, whilst the depictions of the victims cower with fear. The sudden appearance of another ID Well forces the team of detectives to pull Sakaido from the current one and drop him into the new one. There he finds the same murder victim from the last ID Well before they are both crushed beneath a giant drill bit. He was only there for sixty seconds but it was enough for the detectives to locate the killer and his latest victim.

ID Invaded Episode 2 John Walker

What was your favourite element?

I’m loving the mysterious otherworldly vibe from the ID Well. It certainly makes anything a possibility and I can see this being used to create some insane realities. The thing that really surprised me was the rookie’s action. Having been captured by the serial killer and staring his drill in the face, she made the decision to throw herself onto it, knowing that it would create a new ID Well and give the team the chance to find the killer. This is a brutal and shocking moment for sure. On top of that, we saw Sakaido taken back to his cell in restraints. He’s not quite like the man in the ID Well. It’s as if he takes on a different persona. Finally, the revelation as to the identity of the girl in the ID Wells was a brilliantly dark moment too. She is Sakaido’s murdered daughter!

ID Invaded Episode 2 Kaeru

What have you learnt?

They often say that it takes a thief to catch a thief, so why not a murderer to catch a murderer? It was alluded to in the first episode that only someone that has committed murdered can enter an ID Well leaving Sakaido’s character in question. We finally saw that and his personality outside of the ID Well seemed far more menacing and serious. It’s going to make him that much more interesting as the series goes on and I can’t wait to find out exactly what he did, although I’m sure it will involve his daughter. This is yet another example of taking something and expanding it to the next level. Sure, we’ve seen it done before with Hannibal Lector, but it works. There’s something darkly interesting about these characters, especially as they are capable of anything.

ID Invaded Episode 2 Sakaido in his Cell

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