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Sakaido and Miyo Hijiriido continue to pursue John Walker through the maze of ID Wells, while Momoki attempts to get near to Kiki and convince her to go back into the Mizuhanome. Can they bring an end to this nightmare?

What happened?

Sakaido attacks John Walker in an ID Well with a giant baby and a bath full of blood with sharks in it. Even John Walker suspects that the owner of the well must have had a pretty rough time of things. The exchange blows but neither seem to be getting anywhere. Then, Miyo Hijiriido appears behind John Walker riding a shark as it chomps down on him. Moments later, he returns and points out that he is one with the Mizuhanome and as such it will put him back together again. They take his hat and lure him to Fukuda’s ID Well. John Walker believes that he has one and decides to sit down and chastise them. However, because of the fragmented world within Fukuda’s ID Well, he didn’t realise he was sitting on the dive cockpit. Mijo Hijiriido activates the cockpit and sends John Walker into the Well within the Wells.

Outside of the Wells, Momoki enters the Kura in a specialized suit designed to block out Kiki Asukai’s dreams. It appears to be working although it is taking a toll on Momoki’s body. At one point, he vomits into his air tube and has a heart attack. Matsuoka and the scientists manage to revive him with a remote defibrillator built into the suit, but it’s pretty dicey for a moment there. Momoki finds Kiki, who recognizes him from the last time he saved her and asks if he’s come to save her again. He raises his gun but then tosses it aside. He tries to convince Kiki to leave and go somewhere that the dreams wouldn’t reach her, but her powers keep growing. Since he won’t kill her, his gun didn’t even have any bullets in it, she returns to the Mizuhanome where Momoki promises to find a way to save her.

ID Invaded Episode 13 Sakaido and Miyo Hijiriido

What was your favourite element?

I loved this episode and was amazed at how it closed off the season. After so many ambiguous endings or endings that are clearly supposed to lead into a second season that often never comes, it was fantastic to see this one neatly wrapped up. I enjoyed all of it, but the scene between Momoki and Kiki was probably the best part. Seeing her going through the range of emotions as she saw Momoki. I think we saw just about everything all within a couple of minutes, especially if you’d argue that her trying to shoot herself was anger… it probably wasn’t but that doesn’t diminish the power of the scene. Seeing her accepting her fate and walking back to the Mizuhanome was sad, but now that Momoki and the others knew she was there, there was a chance of someone saving her. How realistic that is within a top-secret organisation is yet to be seen.

ID Invaded Episode 13 Momoki and Kiki Asukai

What have you learnt?

I say this a lot, but you really can’t beat a satisfying ending. By satisfying, I don’t mean a happily ever after, unless, of course, that was the promise of the series. It doesn’t have to answer every question either, but it should have a main idea that drives the story forward and seeing a conclusion to that is essential. ID Invaded achieved that with the introduction of the mysterious John Walker in the opening two episodes and it built on that. Another thing that I liked was that none of this felt like it had been added in as an after-thought. There was no deus ex machina and that is always a bonus. I find few things as annoying as the mysterious power/thing that appears in the final episode and solves all the problems.

ID Invaded Episode 13 Sakaido and Kaeru

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