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In order to fight Steel Lady Nanase, who is given form by people’s imagination, Kotoko plans on creating a new story that will be more powerful than the original and give them a chance to defeat her!

What happened?

Now that they know the website is giving Steel Lady Nanase her strength and form, they need to find out as much as possible about Nanase’s death. This will give them the information they need to be able to weave a convincing tale that will become more interesting. Of course, it’s hard to create creatures of the imagination so there’s no telling whether it will work… or is there. With the help of Kurou, who can see the future and select the path that will work best they can certainly limit the possibilities. Of course, Kurou has to die for that to happen, but given that he will come back, it’s not that big of a deal… is it?

InSpectre Episode 6 Kurou and Kotoko

What was your favourite element?

As always the dialogue is the strength of this series, but I felt that even that wasn’t enough to keep this episode from getting a little boring. That said, my favourite thing is a potential future, which seems appropriate with Kurou’s abilities. I wonder about Kurou and his lack of emotions or ability to hold back. What happened to him as a child and the numerous deaths since then has obviously taken its toll on his psyche. He has no attachment to anything and with his ability to shape the future, I can’t help but wonder if he will end up becoming a problem that Kotoko will have to deal with.

InSpectre Episode 6 Saki and Kotoko with a Police File

What have you learnt?

As much as I love excellent dialogue, I don’t think a show can succeed on that alone. Even if you consider a movie like Usual Suspects which was basically all Verbal telling a story, it still showed the events of the story. I feel like In/Spectre has got the dialogue down perfectly, but the action is not quite up to the same standard. There have been moments where is it has managed to blend the two, but they are few and far between. I’m hoping the real revelation of who’s behind Steel Lady Nanase is going to be worth it. At the moment, it looks like it’s Nanase’s sister although I’m still not buying the idea that Nanase let the steel beams fall on her. What made the fall?

InSpectre Episode 6 Mysterious Website Creator

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  1. I kind of feel like from the ghost’s testimony that Nanase did in fact die accidentally. It seemed like the beams were simply dislodged by the rain. Maybe that’s wrong but it is how I see it at the moment. I think Nanase’s death wasn’t significant but more the events that happened after her death. That said, I guess we’ll find out soon as more of the mystery unfolds.

    • True. The lady looking at the website with the painting on Steel Lady Nanase will no doubt have some light to shed on it. For me, it just feels a little too easy that she died in a freak accident. I hope we find out more and it’s not just resolved with Kotoko’s new story.

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