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Having spun three unsuccessful tales to dispel the stories about Steel Lady Nanase, Kotoko unleashes her final story, one that Rikka will have a hard time pushing back against. But will the ghost enthusiasts buy into it or not?

What happened?

The final story Kotoko has planned will build on the details of the other three stories. It starts with her declaring the Nanase Karin is still alive and the body that was found beneath the steel beams was a look-a-like. Outside of the car, Kurou continues to battle Steel Lady Nanase, keeping her from making any untimely appearances and undoing all of Kotoko’s good work. With the commenters on the forum starting to buy into Kotoko’s ideas, she puts down the final piece of the puzzle and accuses the administrator of the site of being Nanase Karin.

InSpectre Episode 11 Kotoko

What was your favourite element?

Kurou’s fight with Steel Lady Nanase has been fairly epic although it really hasn’t had much weight. He can’t die and she’s not alive. Other than that my favourite thing is that hopefully, the sitting around in cars messaging forums is finally over. At first, I was enjoying the stories and the way that Kotoko worked, but lately, I’ve found her to be annoyingly smug and the whole thing feels like watching a magician perform a trick, although we’re watching it from behind the curtain. We can see the crowds reaction, but the trick has no real impact on us because we saw how it worked. I feel like this whole arc has been way too drawn out and it’s made me lose interest. Hence, me being glad it’s almost over!

InSpectre Episode 11 Kurou headbutts Steel Lady Nanase

What have you learnt?

When I write, I’m fairly efficient. You won’t find me going on about flags or some other detail for pages and pages. I drive the action on. It’s not that I don’t enjoy to be taken in by lengthy descriptions, but oftentimes I find they get to be boring and it just feels like the author trying to show off. I’d rather everyone understands what I’m trying to say and can sit back and enjoy the ride. unfortunately, I feel like this series has fallen into the drawn-out descriptions and slow-moving plot. There really is no way we should be watching a show that has three characters that haven’t moved in four episodes.

InSpectre Episode 11 Kurou defeats Steel Lady Nanase

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