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The school festival is over and now it’s time for the first Japanese Hero Billboard Chart since All Might retired and the top ten are all in attendance in an attempt to ease the worries of the public.

What happened?

So, it turns out that Eri is going to stay at UA where the teachers can keep an eye on her and help her learn to control her ability. Also, as Mirio is on a leave from the school since his quirk was erased, he’s going to be her guardian. All right then! The Wild, Wild, Pussycats make a brief visit to the dorms at UA, but that’s just so we can segway to the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart where a new number one hero will be crowned. As expected, it’s Endeavor, but Hawks has climbed up to number two, but he apparently isn’t too concerned with the fame. Anyhow, he shoots off his mouth and riles up Endeavor enough to get him to talk to him after the ceremony has concluded. He has some business that he’d like to discuss with Endeavor.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 87 Hawks

What was your favourite element?

I quite enjoyed seeing Endeavor getting fired up when the Nomu burst through the window, however, it all feels a little clumsy and forced. For example, what are the chances of a Nomu appearing and attacking them when Hawks is trying to convince Endeavor to tell everyone the Nomu sightings are just a rumour? This all feels like a setup and that would make Hawks a villain, but that seems unlikely too. I also don’t really like Hawks from his brief introduction and maybe that’s another clue that he may not be who he claims to be. Either way, is this the beginning of another arc when there is just one episode left in the season?

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 87 Endeavor

What have you learnt?

So, rather than focusing on the kids of Class 1A which seemed to work so well in the first two seasons, we’re now going to follow some more characters with loose links to the students. I’ll be the first to say that I love the way this series set up the quirks with the limitless possibilities, but now we’re just going to keep adding more and more characters. Obviously, Mirko is welcome to stay and it was nice to see Mount Lady again, but it feels like we’re missing the point of the series – watching Midoriya grow into the number one hero. Also, how long has this school year lasted? This series could definitely use a little more structure.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 87 Mirko

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