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Midoriya is Eri’s last hope and she knows it, but why can’t she let him save her? What is she really afraid of? Either way, Midoriya is not going to give up on her this time.

What happened?

We find out that Eri has the ability to rewind people. It first manifested when she was a child and she accidentally rewound her father until he no longer existed. Her mother gave her up, leaving the head of the Yakuza, her grandfather to take her in. He asked Overhaul to work out how her quirk works, but he took things further and tried to weaponise it, producing quirk cancelling bullets for the villains and an antidote that rewinds the effects. It’s a great plan, but Midoriya isn’t about to let him take Eri. He finally managed to get hold of her again and this time, he’s not letting go. Eri accidentally uses her power on Midoriya, fixing his injuries faster than he can get them. That means he can use All for One at one hundred percent!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 76 Midoriya Has Eri

What was your favourite element?

There is no denying that the fight between Overhaul and Deku was something special. The animation was insane and I loved how it got so over the top that visuals seemed to fail, leaving Midoriya falling through empty space. It was just epic and ultimately, it’s something we’ve been wanting to see for some time. That said, they managed to do their best to break up the action with Overhaul flashbacks. Seriously, when will this end. Show us everything we need to see or know before the action gets going. I can’t say how frustrating it is to have the action constantly broken up like this. This fight should have been unbelievable.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 76 Midoriya about to hit Overhaul with Everything he has

What have you learnt?

I talked about intrusive flashbacks in the last episode and it’s the same thing again. So, let’s talk about flashbacks and how best to put them into the story. To start with here are some examples that don’t work. Fairy Gone would front-load every episode with a montage of flashbacks, but there was no context and it became very stale. Then, you have shows like My Hero Academia or One Piece where they start a piece of action and then decide to stop in the middle to explore some piece of history concerning the characters. It completely throws off the action and makes it all feel incredibly stop and start. I think it’s all about timing. You have to make it feel as natural as a conversation between two characters. Ironically, it’s actually harder to think of examples that do it well, because it’s so seamless that you barely notice it. That’s what you should be aiming for. If you can think of any good examples let me know in the comments.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 76 Midoriya worked out Eri's Power

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  1. One of the best moments in recent Shonen history if you ask me.

    • I’d agree with that. It’s right up there with episode 19 of Demon Slayer.

  2. Agreed with the annoyance of the flashbacks… Particularly annoying in an arc whose feels depended so much on what was happening in the now.

    As another reviewer pointed out, this is the first time we’ve actually seen One For All at full power in a “healthy” character in the full majesty of their passion and anger. (“Healthy” because of Eri’s intervention.) And it was *impressive*.

    But some of the visuals… I’m starting to ponder if it manifests slightly differently depending on it’s host. Or, maybe (though I’m kinda loathe to say this) All Might pales beside Deku in terms of drive and passion?

    • Have you seen Two Heroes? In that, I’m pretty sure Deku was able to use One for All at 100% thanks to some wrist guards that promptly fell to pieces after he finished fighting. I know the movies aren’t generally canon but I feel like they tied it into season 3.

      Either way the visuals were excellent and it was far more spectacular that anything we’ve seen from All Might. The quirk does grow from user to user so it’s possible that it has become more powerful.

    • Yes, I’ve seen Two Heroes, but I don’t fully recall what the wristbands enabled. I thought they just prevented further injury to his hands. Which also why Deku has developed his “shoot style” fighting, more kickboxing than traditional fighting – he’s loathe to risk what he knows may very well be permanent injury next time.

    • True. It may have just been full power in his punches. Still it was a pretty epic fight, but nothing like this one.

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