Are You Lost? (Episode 8) – Oasis Found?!

Are You Lost Title

A strange smoke plume gives the girls hope that someone else is on the island, but when they get there all they find is a steaming hot pool… hot… pool!!!

Are You Lost? (Episode 8) – Oasis Found?!

What happened?

It looks like someone positioned the rocks to create a hot pool possibly at the same time as the run-down old house they found. Since it’s a hot pool, there’s only really one thing to do, right? I mean, it’s against the law to find a hot pool and not get in. Sure, why don’t you throw some of those citrus fruits you found in too and make it even more relaxing.

Sadly, just as the girls are starting to unwind, the tide comes in and covers the hot pool, dragging them all out to sea. Looks like it’s just a low tide hot pool, but at least it’ll be back. Homare leads the girls to a narrow gorge where she spotted a rope. She wants to get it as it will be useful. Having recovered the rope, it almost immediately starts to rain, forcing the girls to run back to their shelter.

Are You Lost Episode 8 A Hot Pool

What did you think?

The last two episodes have been a little light on the ecchi content, but worry not, this episode more than makes up for that. I never thought for a second we would get a hot pool episode, but here we are and it’s wonderful. That said, I am still very much enjoying this series and that doesn’t change dependent on the ecchi moments or lack thereof. Basically, it’s a fun series of short episodes with a nice mix of characters.

I shall warn you now or give you a heads up, either way, there will be a lot of images in the highlights because this was the hot pool episode. As if I need an excuse. Enjoy!

Episode highlights

Is Anyone There?

It’s a Hot Pool!

More Supplies!

Lots of Rain!

Asuka goes Swimming!

Asuka goes Swimming Again!

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