Are You Lost? (Episode 4) – Trap

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Things are starting to settle down on the island. They have a water source and plenty of seafood, although Homare has seen squirrel tracks and plans on catching something for dinner!

Are You Lost? (Episode 4) – Trap

What happened?

The girls try the hermit crabs and are a little surprised. They could almost get used to it, but then Homare says that she has seen squirrel tracks on the beach and intends to hunt bigger prey. Homare runs through the potential traps they can set but decides to use a snare. First, they’ll need to find some materials to make the snares from.

While searching for materials, Asuka finds a toad and due to its poisonous nature, she uses her skirt to catch it. The toad somehow gets away, leaving them to focus back on the squirrels. That is until Homare finds a rabbit warren. They go about setting a number of traps and Asuka is kind enough to test them out, with hilarious consequences.

Are You Lost Episode 4 Toad Surprises Asuka

What did you think?

This episode almost seemed shorter than the others and I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because it was all focused around one aspect of survival or that it gave just one girl the limelight? Either way, we got to see a lot of Asuka and that’s not a bad thing. I did find it funny that she seemed to relish the role of snare tester and the second time she got caught she even appeared to be smiling. Does Asuka have some secret kinks? Who knows, but this show is still a lot of fun and well worth your time.

Episode highlights

The Toad!

Going Hunting!

Setting a Trap!

Snare Testing!

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