Are You Lost? (Episode 5) – A Strange Turban Shell

Are You Lost Title

Rather than just sitting around and waiting for one of their traps to catch a rabbit, Shion sends Homare and Asuka fishing for turban shells, but she might be in for a surprise!

Are You Lost? (Episode 5) – A Strange Turban Shell

What happened?

If Homare is the king of the island, Shion is the queen, demanding that they find food now, especially when she learns it may take days to catch a rabbit. Homare offers to look for turban shells, which makes Shion happy. Asuka goes with her, but they are going to have to dive deep if they’re going to find any.

Unable to locate any turban shells, Homare returns with an edible starfish. Shion isn’t best pleased, but reluctantly eats it and actually enjoys it. Later the others go to check the traps when they see a smokestack rise up on the beach. They hurry back to find that Shion thought she saw a ship. She didn’t and is struggling. Then Asuka and Mutsu begin to cry too. Finally, there’s something that Homare is not comfortable with.

Are You Lost Episode 5 Asuka Dreams Of Eating Rabbit

What did you think?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the others. There was a definite lack of comedy, which has been one of its strongest aspects so far. The survival information and the reality of the situation are interesting and keep the show moving, but the comedic elements just take it to the next level. There were some ecchi moments, but nothing quite as funny as Asuka testing snares last week.

Episode highlights

Need More Food!

Spirits Cracking!

Barbecue of Hope!

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