Are You Lost? (Episode 11) – We Will Rescue Her

Are You Lost Title

With Shion lost at sea, Homare defies her father’s instructions and risks it all to find her. All Asuka and Mutsu can do is hope they make it back and put together a nice meal in preparation.

Are You Lost? (Episode 11) – We Will Rescue Her

What happened?

Homare can’t believe that Shion has gone. She was there only moments ago, but there’s no time to panic. If she’s going to find her it’s got to be now. Asuka and Mutsu come running when they hear Homare and help her make a raft. Homare thinks back to her father’s teachings about self-preservation over everything else. She apologizes to him and sets out to sea.

Shion drifted to another small rocky island. There is nothing there to eat or drink. The only notable thing is a dark cave with a slimy floor. She curls up and thinks of the others. Her new friends, possibly her only friends. She wants to cry but manages to stop herself because of Homare’s advice about preserving water. Then, just as she’s about to give up Homare tells her to keep going. She found her!

Are You Lost Episode 11 Shion tries not to cry

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this episode. It gave you an insight into Shion’s life before the crash and even showed how she had learnt from Homare. She’s stronger now, but even Homare has changed. It would appear that she has been a lone wolf, but now she has friends too and saving her friends has become as important to her as her life.

You wouldn’t think in eleven fifteen-minute episodes that you’d get this sort of character development. I have loved this series and with only one episode left, I’m going to be sad to see it end. My one prediction is that the cave with the slimy floor is where the bats live that we saw in episode 10. Somehow, Homare will use them to navigate back to the other island. The real question, however, is whether they’ll all get saved or not.

Episode highlights

We Will Rescue Her!

Lost at Sea!

Help is Coming!

Found You!

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