Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 13) – The Troubleshooters’ Office

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Tsugu Tsugumomo Title

Kazuya is put on trial for living with Kiriha and having baths together. Thanks to some anonymous witnesses, he’s found guilty of being a pervert and punished! Other than that, he has a panty thief to catch!

Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 13) – The Troubleshooters’ Office

What happened?

The trial is shocking and the punishment brutal, but when Kiriha and Chisato both threw him under the bus, it’s not really much of a surprise. Regardless, Kazuya has called the group together and set up a Troubleshooters’ Office which will attempt to get ahead of the amasogis by offering help to others and reporting on what strange things they’ve heard. Osamu and Shirou are invited, along with Chisato. Finally, Tadataka and Nanako join them and are starting to show some recovery from their Malison atonement much to Kazuya’s relief.

The first order of business is a potential panty thief. It’s surprising, but not nearly as surprising as the culprit – a pair of girls panties with a frog design on them. Kazuya and Kiriha chase it onto the roof where it transforms into a giant panty frog and attacks. During the fight, Kazuya tells Chisato that he knows they are her panties and that she must fix it or face an atonement. She says she didn’t do anything, so Kazuya and Kiriha defeat the giant panty frog, but the only way to take care of it for good is to give it what it wants… which is Kazuya’s underpants…

Tsugu Tsugumomo Episode 1 Kazuya wakes to find Kiriha Kukuri and Kokuyou in his bed

What did you think?

And it’s straight into season two of Tsugumomo which is called Tsugu Tsugumomo and what a way to return. It opened with Kazuya having some nasty dreams only to wake surrounded by girls. There are obviously some interesting details to come out about his mother which is great, but that’s not what makes this episode so good.

We have a good old fashion student trial where Kazuya is accused of being a pervert because it’s been revealed that he lives and bathes with Kiriha (the new student). Then, it’s straight into the hunt for a panty thief that turns out to be a panty amasogi. If that wasn’t good enough, the amasogi panties fly off with Kazuya’s underpants. This episode had shades of Heaven’s Lost Property and that’s a great thing. I’m already excited for the rest of this season.

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Episode highlights

Welcome Back!

The Trial!

The Troubleshooters!

Catching the Panty Thief!

The Panty Frog!

Making things right!

Bath Time!

The Troublemakers!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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